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Reserve Cup Presented by Richard Mille Debuted in Miami with A-List Attendance

From February 8th to 10th, Miami became the epicenter of the padel world, hosting the first-ever Reserve Cup Presented by Richard Mille. This grand event not only brought together the crème de la crème of padel players but also attracted a galaxy of stars, marking it as a sold-out event that combined high-level sports, entertainment, and luxury in a

unique blend that captivated all who attended.

Organized by Reserve Padel's Founder Wayne Boich and partnered by Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler, the tournament set a new precedent, becoming the largest independently owned padel tournament globally. The picturesque Reserve Padel Miami Seaplane Base served as a stunning backdrop to the event, enhancing the experience with breathtaking views.

The competition was fierce, featuring 14 of the world's most talented players divided into two teams. Team Miami, led by Derek Jeter, a five-time World Series Champion, and advised by padel legend Juan Martin Diaz, showcased an impressive lineup including Maxi Sanchez, Alex Ruiz, and several other notable players. Their opponents, Team Reserve, captained by Wayne Boich and advised by Jaime “Chipi” Munoz, also presented a formidable lineup with stars like Juan Lebron and Ale Galán. The matches were intense, highlighting the players' camaraderie and the depth of talent in the sport.

Luxury and exclusivity were at the forefront, with Richard Mille presenting VIP experiences that were nothing short of extraordinary. Attendees enjoyed gourmet food, premium beverages, and exclusive viewing areas, ensuring a memorable experience. Partners like Pura Vida and the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Resort added to the event's allure, offering wellness spaces and premier views.

The tournament was not just about padel; it was a holistic event that included charity matches raising nearly $1.5 million for various causes. Highlights included a charity padel match featuring Miami Heat's Duncan Robinson and a trick shot competition by Derek Jeter, both contributing significantly to charitable foundations.

The Reserve Cup culminated in an electrifying final on February 10th, with Team Miami, under Derek Jeter's guidance, taking home the trophy and a significant cash prize. The event closed with a celebratory party featuring a performance by Night Tales, capping off an unforgettable weekend of sport, philanthropy, and entertainment.

This inaugural event not only showcased the best of padel but also set a high standard for future tournaments. It proved to be a pivotal moment for the sport's growth, combining athleticism, community, and charity in a way that left attendees eagerly anticipating next year's edition. For those interested in experiencing the pinnacle of padel and luxury, the Reserve Cup Presented by Richard Mille has undoubtedly become a must-attend event.

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