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Derek Jeter, Kevin Love, Rande Gerber & Cindy Crawford, Udonis Haslem, Alonzo Mourning & More Show Up to Support the Inaugural Event

The Inaugural Reserve Cup Presented by Richard Mille made its grand debut in Miami from February 8th to 10th, bringing together the world's top padel players for a sold-out three-day tournament of padel mastery with a star-studded attendance. Led by Reserve Padel Founder, Wayne Boich, and Reserve Cup Partner/Miami Heat star, Jimmy Butler, the premier lifestyle sporting event marked the largest independently owned padel tournament in the world. Set against the backdrop of the Reserve Padel Miami Seaplane, the event offered attendees a unique blend of top-level padel, entertainment, and luxury experiences.

The tournament attracted 14 of the most talented players in the world, dividing them into two
formidable teams for a captivating showdown. Team Miami, under the leadership of five-time World
Series Champion Derek Jeter, coupled with strategic advice from padel legend Juan Martin Diaz,
showcased an impressive roster.

The team featured Maxi Sanchez, a dynamo on the court, alongside Alex Ruiz, Momo González, Juan Tello, Federico Chingotto, Martin Di Nenno, and Franco Stupaczuk, each bringing their unique skills and fervor to the game. On the opposing side, Team Reserve, captained by Wayne Boich and guided by the up-and-coming Jaime “Chipi” Munoz, boasted its own set of stars including Juan Lebron, Ale Galán, Coki Nieto, Mike Yanguas, Javi Garrido, Jon Sanz, and Gonzalo Rubio, for an electrifying lineup. The spirited competition between these two teams, enriched by the depth of talent and the camaraderie among players, underscored the tournament's celebration of
excellence in padel.

Reserve Cup Presented by Richard Mille Debuted in Miami with A-List Attendance

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