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Miami Dog Fashion Week

Miami Dog Fashion Week, an innovative concept conceived by Yoeli Goldstein, founder of Art Bound Miami, and philanthropist Aura Copeland, a former model, successfully marked

its 2nd season at the HYDE Beach, SLS Hotel in South Beach.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Miami Dog Fashion Week

Miami Dog Fashion Week showcased a diverse array of industry-related vendors and talented dog fashion and accessory designers hailing from across the nation.

Prior to the main event, organizers thoughtfully selected 36 dogs weighing under 20 pounds to participate in the highly anticipated Best Dressed Dog competition. Proud 'pawrents' strutted their furry companions down the runway before a panel of six judges: Samir Azar, Aura Copeland, Sruly Green, Patryk Strojny, Deborah Hediger and Andrea Jay. After careful deliberation, the coveted title of Best Dressed Pup was awarded to Malibu, whose dedicated 'pawrent' Christina Sun dressed him impeccably matching her own style.

The core mission of Miami Dog Fashion Week is to challenge the age-old notion that dogs are unwelcome at events, restaurants, and cafes. The event seeks to emphasize that our furry friends relish socializing just as much as their human companions do. Many dog owners are familiar with the pang of guilt they feel when leaving their impeccably dressed dogs behind for a night out. Through these events, we aim to celebrate our best friends, ensuring they feel like an integral part of these magical nights, dressed to the nines and cherished by all in attendance.

Renowned Miami-based pop artist Sans Sucre also unveiled some of his latest artwork during the event, adding an artistic touch to the evening.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Miami Dog Fashion Week

The event drew approximately 300 guests from all walks of life, united by their profound love and appreciation for their canine companions. Several vendors offered a delightful shopping experience for pet parents interested in dog fashion. The event now featured an expanded list of vendors, including Designer Hoarder Pups and Tedi Olden brand, known for its modern dog beds. Paw Paw Patisserie, an organic bakery, delighted attendees with delicious treats for their furry friends. Posh Paws Amenities also provided a unique range of products for discerning pet owners.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Miami Dog Fashion Week

In addition, PetPace, an innovative brand, presented their groundbreaking smart collar for dogs that utilizes AI to monitor their health for any irregularities. This technological advancement aims to enhance the well-being of dogs and provide valuable insights for their owners.

The evening was hosted by Trupa The Dog, a Yorkshire Terrier who was dressed in a glamorous gown designed by designer Mia from Designer Hoarder Pups. Notably, Miami Dog Fashion Week also partnered with a local rescue organization, Animal Lovers Rescue, which actively encouraged attendees to consider adopting their new best friends. This partnership was an important step in promoting pet adoption and supporting the admirable efforts of local animal rescue organizations.

The founders of Miami Dog Fashion Week are just getting started and are already planning their next grand event in February. Their goal is to shatter the misconception that dogs should stay home while their owners enjoy the town, all while supporting local shelters and promoting the adoption of rescue dogs. These events are designed to raise awareness and celebrate the unwavering loyalty and unconditional love that our canine companions provide us every day.

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