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Leli Hernandez & Endstate Launch Luxury Sneaker Collaboration

Endstate, a premium sneakers and custom apparel luxury brand, is unveiled its newest collaboration with recording artist and actress, Leli Hernandez on (November 17th, 2023)!

Not only is Leli a multi-talented musician, but she is also an icon of luxury and elegance. Leli’s energy is dynamic and contagious, and her loyal fans know this is just the beginning of an explosive career in fashion. Wherever Leli is going, her fans want to be in her inner circle, and Leli's Endstate sneaker drop will unlock access to it.

The Leli Hernandez x Endstate sneaker, available in two exclusive color waves, blends strength and elegance, representative of Leli’s character, in the design language of a completely unique silhouette. Designed by Stephanie Howard, known for her outstanding career as a design director at leading sneaker brands, including New Balance and Nike. Leli's discerning input on color, material, and styling details ensures that the look completes this season’s must-have fashion trends but can still be dressed up or down all year long. The sneaker is a fusion of the elegance of Leli’s personality and the high-end design and masterpiece of craftsmanship that Endstate delivers.

When asked about her partnership with Endstate, Leli shared

As a musical artist, we work to create our own voice and impact, and being able to collaborate with Endstate is so special because I’m making my own shoe that represents who I am and what I stand for,”.

Unparalleled experiences: Fans who purchase in either of the limited edition sneakers in Black ($250) or Ivory ($300) will open themselves up to a lengthy list of perks and activations over the lifetime of owning the shoe such as:

  • Meet-and-Greet with Leli: Purchasing the limited-edition sneaker grants you access to Leli's inner circle. Meet Leli in person, capture memorable photos, and connect with influential figures who are making waves in the industry.

  • Social Media Spotlight: When you purchase these sneakers you'll have the chance for your own created content to be featured on Leli's social media channels. Stay tuned for more details and exciting opportunities to have your content showcased to a wider audience.

  • Special Access to Endstate Events: Ensure your spot at exclusive gatherings with key figures in the lifestyle and fashion world.

Purchasing the ultra-limited-edition Ivory pair ($300) unlocks even more perks, in addition to those listen above:

  • Premiere Access to A-List Endstate Events: Secure your future access to ultra-exclusive Endstate events, where you'll have the chance to mingle with trendsetters in the lifestyle and fashion industry.

  • Exclusive Content from Leli Hernandez: Enjoy a stream of exclusive content directly from Leli herself, offering you an inside look into her world.

The right shoe of these sneakers houses a hidden NFC chip beneath the black Endstate label.

When scanned, it provides a digital certificate of authenticity, and also serves as your key to perks and experiences.


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