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Emily Zubi: Leading Miami with her Rockstar Powerhouse Platform, “Miami Women Who Rock.”

Words | Gelsandra Guzman | IG @ gelsandra_guzman

Photography | Dmitry Zhitov | IG @dmitryzhitov_photo

Wardrobe Styling | Dilara Karayazi & Sandra  Madjdi |  IG @dilarakarayazi, @sandramadjdi

Featured Talent | Emily Zubi | IG @emilyzubi, @miamiwomenwhorock

Creative Director | Dr. Cybil Bonhomme | IG @cybil.007

MUA | Andrea Wolf | IG @andreawolf_creative

Miami Vibes Magazine, Emily Zubi,

In Miami, Emily Zubi stands out as a passionate leader, as she lives by her favorite quote, “Giving back is a value we share and a privilege we embrace.” As the founder of Miami Women Who Rock, she has created a dynamic opportunity for  women at the cornerstone where

business, philanthropy and community service unite.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Emily Zubi, Dr. Cybil Bonhomme, Cybil Bonhomme
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Emily's life story underscores the challenges of  breaking barriers and rewriting narratives. She is a true visionary who brings tenacity, perseverance and creativity to everything she touches.


Now, let’s get to know Emily from her roots, sus raices: 

Emily Zubizarreta, you are widely recognized as the founder of Miami Women Who Rock and an exemplary figure in several industries, including your pioneering role on Wall Street. Could you tell us, in your own words, who is Emily Zubi? Publicly, I am the true dichotomy of my rich Puerto Rican and Irish heritage.  As a Latina, our events showcase my passion, purpose and plan to make every woman  attending  feel like she is part of something bigger.  My Irish side wants everyone to have a good time filled with lots of fun and  joy.  We always begin with a prayer and a song. Emily in a nutshell has the diplomatic skills of Madeline Albright in her role as Secretary of State, the dance moves of JLO at her finest and the ability of Gloria Estefan to get a packed room of three-hundred  guests “On their Feet.”

Miami Vibes Magazine, Emily Zubi, Dr. Cybil Bonhomme, Cybil Bonhomme
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Privately, I have a handful of women with whom I can  be totally vulnerable and honest about the challenges all women face but are many times unable to express even to themselves. These relationships are  built on trust/confianza. 

Miami Vibes Magazine, Emily Zubi, Dr. Cybil Bonhomme, Cybil Bonhomme

What inspired you to found Miami Women Who Rock and expand it globally? I founded Miami Women Who Rock, during one of the most difficult times in my life. It provided me with a way to turn my “mess into a message” to uplift and elevate women facing major changes.

Could you explain the importance of the “Fifty Shades of Pink” Awards? The "Fifty Shades of Pink" Event is celebrated yearly and the awards ceremony recognizes and celebrates the achievements of  women in our community.  Too often women do not see themselves through the lens of greatness and accomplishment.

We honor ten women nominated and selected by our Founder’s Circle along with the Pink Warrior, Latina of the Year and Man of the Year awards. 

We also partner with a different Breast Cancer Charity every year and present breast cancer survivors with a medallion.

As a pioneering LATINA on Wall Street, what key challenge did you face? What type of adversity did you face? I encountered  skepticism from a predominantly male industry. They were working in highly stressful positions such as mergers and acquisitions and my job was to teach them  presentation and selling skills. Utilizing a video camera we were able to identify their need for training and development.  It worked.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Emily Zubi, Dr. Cybil Bonhomme, Cybil Bonhomme

What's a crucial tip from your book for aspiring women entrepreneurs? The importance of surrounding yourself with a competent team is the TIP. 

Building a “tribe with a vibe” is essential to accomplish your mission. I value Godly women who are women of faith because I can not do this alone. My Puerto Rican father always reminded me "Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres" – “tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are.”

Miami Vibes Magazine, Emily Zubi, Dr. Cybil Bonhomme, Cybil Bonhomme
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How has motherhood shaped your approach to business and leadership? Motherhood has given me the  qualities of  humility, compassion, sincerity, and enhanced management skills. Navigating the experiences of giving birth from toddler hood to teenager to adulthood  is akin to a graduate degree in  human relations.

How do you fill your cup by nurturing Emily within your multiple roles? I have a morning routine of exercise, prayer and meditation which starts with a run around the golf course.  It is there that I find moments for reflection and quietness.

Ok so it's 2033, and we run into one another in the 305, what is Emily up to? In 2033, if we were to meet in the 305, you'd find Emily on national TV  as the  Latina Barbara Walters, interviewing the President of the United States. 

As a key figure in the Miami community, what's your favorite hidden gem or must-experience activity in Miami that reflects the city's vibrant culture? I love having the salmon tacos for lunch at Mariposa located at Neiman Marcus in Merrick Park. It is definitely my hidden GEM.  Neiman Marcus also  partners with Miami Women Who Rock at our events  and it is a wonderful place to find the perfect pair of heels.

This feature is more than a showcase; it's a testament to the unstoppable spirit of women who lead, not just with their voices, but with their actions and hearts. 

Miami Vibes Magazine, Emily Zubi, Dr. Cybil Bonhomme, Cybil Bonhomme

In this landmark year for Miami Women Who Rock,  we have launched our leadership legacy initiative through the  coffee table book of “Rockstar Leaders” with  Florida Yacht International as the presenting partner. This book will capture the inspiring journey of  business, philanthropy and community  leaders. In closing we invite you to become a part of this movement.


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