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Ebony Elegance Through Creative Lens

Photography - Delmar Bailey

Models - Shanice Belize & Saido Karamo

Brand - Minima


About the Photographer:

Delmar Bailey, is a passionate and skilled photographer that has been capturing beauty and art for the past 8 years. Born with a keen eye for aesthetics, Delmar discovered his love for photography at a young age when given the responsibility of taking family photos and recording talent shows.

In the beginning things were a little shaky but over the years, he has honed his craft through dedication, continuous learning, and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Mostly self taught at first, Delmar decided to enroll at the Art Institute of Miami to obtain his bachelors in fine arts.

Notable for publications in a few magazines one of which being Miami Vibes Magazine itself!, Delmar has established himself as a respected and sought-after photographer in South Florida in the beauty portrait and fashion world. 

As Delmar continues to evolve in the dynamic world of photography, his commitment to excellence and passion for visual storytelling remain unwavering. Through every click of the shutter, they invite viewers to join them on a visual journey, where each image tells a unique story and captures the essence of ones beauty.


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