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Celebrating Two Amazing Years with Mana Fashion Services in Miami

Mana Fashion Services is thrilled to mark its 2nd anniversary in Miami, a journey filled with fashion, sustainability, and creativity. They've dedicated themselves to fostering a vibrant fashion ecosystem that not only supports but also celebrates ingenuity, entrepreneurship,

and most importantly, sustainability.

Their year-round activities are designed to shine a spotlight on both the emerging talents and the established leaders within the South Florida fashion scene. From providing creative studio spaces and educational workshops to hosting fashion pop-ups and networking events, they're here to support brands of every size in connecting with a community that's as diverse as it is dynamic.

A Special Anniversary Celebration

This year, on April 12th, Mana Fashion is hosting a unique evening event to celebrate tey community's champions. Held at the iconic Mana Wynwood320 and curated by Miami’s own fashion luminary, Elysze Held, this invite-only gathering will honor industry professionals who have made significant strides in areas such as Design, Media, Styling, Content Creation, Environmental Efforts, and Non-profit Organizations. Nominees, including fashion brands like Sigal and Eliou, stylists like Danny Santiago, and top creators such as Jenny Lopez, are all united by a common goal: to enrich Miami's creative landscape through their work. Among the honorees, "Life Stylist" Sarah Akiba will be recognized for her outstanding contributions to Community Activism, Development, and Philanthropy.

Earth Day Celebrations with Mana Fashion Services

As Earth Day approaches, they're excited to announce a series of public events from April 24th to April 26th that aim to highlight sustainable fashion practices. Through a mix of eco-friendly fashion initiatives, upcycling workshops, a fashion swap, and discussions on sustainable solutions, they invite everyone to join us in celebrating and advocating for a greener planet.

Interactive Augmented Reality and Sustainability Workshops

Prepare to dive into the future with a 3-day immersive Augmented Reality experience, featuring the Microsoft 360 Hololens and insights from fashion industry veteran, Valentino Vettori. These sessions, presented by Arcadia Earth, will focus on sustainable solutions and the challenges facing the fashion industry today.

Hands-On Upcycle Workshops

Get creative with the upcycling workshops, where you can transform your old jeans and shoes into something new and unique. In partnership with the Miami Shoe Museum and denim upcycling artist Jesus Pineda, these workshops are a fantastic opportunity to learn, create, and engage in sustainable fashion practices.

Fashion Swap with Global Fashion Exchange

On April 26th, in collaboration with Global Fashion Exchange, they invite you to this community-wide clothing swap. It's a chance to refresh your wardrobe in the most sustainable way possible—by trading in clothes you no longer wear for something new-to-you!

Sustainable Fashion on Display

The Earth Day window display, crafted by the talented Lisu Vega, showcases the beauty of sustainable fashion. Through her work, Vega explores the emotional connections we have with clothing, using the metaphor of "weaving" to blend memories with material sustainability.

Engage with Mana Fashion Services Year-Round

Mana Fashion's commitment to fostering a thriving fashion community doesn't stop with these events. Join us at their bi-monthly Open House: Creative & Designer Suites to meet, interact with, and support local designers. These open houses are a cornerstone of the Mana Fashion Services community, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the creativity and passion that drive Miami's fashion scene.

Mana Fashion Services is more than just a space—it's a community. They're here to support, celebrate, and grow with the incredible talent that makes Miami's fashion scene so unique. Here's to many more years of innovation, sustainability, and style!

Visit Mana Fashion Services: 15 W Flagler St Miami, FL 33130


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