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Trend Alert: Ube Dishes in Miami

Ube, a purple yam originally from the Philippines, has become a sought-after ingredient in the culinary world, thanks to its vibrant color, sweet and nutty flavor, and nutritional value. As one of the top food trends and called the ‘Uber Ingredient of 2023’ by Forbes, ube is showing up in a variety of creative dishes across the country.

Wynwood’s first and only Asian food hall, 1-800-Lucky is a go-to neighborhood spot offering a wide variety of Asian vendors, where guests can enjoy dishes from the five different Asian concepts including Filipino vendor Jeepney by beloved NYC restauranteur Nicole Ponseca. Jeepney's recently released Fillipino BBQ menu features new Ube Pan De Sal, a soft and fluffy, semi-sweet bread, dusted with breadcrumbs and filled with cheese.

Ube Dishes in Miami

The Salty

Miami's favorite donut shop, The Salty is known for telling stories through unique and inventive donut flavors is home to the vibrant Ube Piña Colada Donut. The donut features Ube infused vegan brioche filled with pineapple jam, coconut milk glaze and is topped with coconut streusel.

The vibrant dish is 100% naturally colored purple from Ube.

Ube Dishes in Miami

Minty Z

Discover Minty Z's, Miami's hottest plant-based dining experience that proves you don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy a truly unique, healthy and delicious dining experience. With that, the Asian fusion restaurant is home to the trendy Ube Sweet Potato Bao which comes streamed in its purple ube bun and filled with a flavorful sweet potato filling.

Ube Dishes in Miami


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