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That's It Salon Launches Master Classes & Revolutionizes Beauty Services in Miami

Welcome to the beauty revolution, Miami! That’s It Salon, nestled in the vibrant Miami Shores, is not just any salon; it's a beacon of creativity and community engagement. Fresh off its dazzling showcase at Miami Swim Week, Powered By Art Hearts Fashion, the salon is all set to sprinkle some extra glitter this summer with sizzling promotions, master styling classes, and

heartwarming community support initiatives.

A Splash at Miami Swim Week

During the electrifying Miami Swim Week, That’s It Salon didn't just

participate; they transformed it.

During the electrifying Miami Swim Week, That’s It Salon didn't just participate; they transformed it. Offering top-tier beauty services, the salon’s talented team worked their magic on models and attendees alike, setting the vibe for the runway shows. Their artistry shone brightly as they styled stunning looks that perfectly complemented the eye-catching swimwear collections.

Sizzling Summer Promotions

Summer Promotions: Building on the success of Miami Swim Week, That's It Salon is

thrilled to announce a series of summer promotions as follows:

  1. $360 Balayage and Full Highlight Package

  2. Includes Olaplex Treatment, Toner Gloss, Blow Dry, and Hair Cut

  3. 20% off any service when you bring in a new client

  4. $60 off smoothing treatment

  5. With FREE Rose & Quartz Conditioning Treatment

  6. $10 off Mani/Pedi

  7. Services Offered Monday-Wednesday

These promotions are designed to help clients look and feel their best all summer long!

Monthly Master Classes

Ever wanted to master the art of the perfect at-home blowout?

Now’s your chance! Join Master Stylist Christian Parla as he leads monthly master classes right at the salon. The first session kicked off on June 26, 2024, at 5:30 pm. Expect to pick up insider tips and tricks over light bites and beverages. It’s a fantastic opportunity for media, influencers, neighbors, customers, and newcomers alike to up their hair game directly from the pros.

Community Support Initiatives

In celebration of Pride Month, and proudly waving the flag of being LGBTQ-owned and operated,

That’s It Salon is thrilled to announce a colorful giveaway—a free color service to one lucky winner. To enter, just follow the rainbow to @thatsitsalon on Instagram!

About That's It Salon

That’s It Salon is more than just a place to get your hair done. It's a sanctuary where natural

beauty is enhanced, and individuality is celebrated.

Boasting a crew of seasoned professionals committed to excellence, the salon provides a broad spectrum of tailor-made services to cater to every client's unique style.

Feel the love, feel the style, all summer long. For more details, head over to, and don’t forget to follow on Instagram @thatsitsalon & @xtianparla. Ready to book your transformation? Just text or call (305) 988-9972. All you need is love, and That’s It!


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