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Sip, Sip, Hooray!

To The Last Drop On the Rocks, This Round’s On Me

Model | Alex Vega

words | Michelle Wallace

Photography | Dmitry Zhitov

Creative Director | Dr. Cybil Bonhomme

Wardrobe Stylist | Dalaria Karaayazi

Makeup | Julia Brig

Miami Vibes Magazine, Alex Vega

Raise a glass to National Vegan Month—a time to celebrate the plant-based lifestyle

and its positive impact on health and the environment.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Alex Vega

This November, we had the opportunity to set sail with the founder of Avorza Vodka to learn more about things to look out for when sipping on your favorite spirits. After all, Alex Vega’s vision was to create a vodka that could cater to a diverse range of dietary preferences, ensuring that anyone could enjoy his product. Avorza Vodka is not only vegan but also organic, gluten-free, kosher, and free from GMOs. And the key to his brand’s full roster of designations lies in the meticulous production process of this ultra-premium vodka. From start to finish, the controlled environment ensures no animal contact is involved, resulting in the purest vodka possible that’s always vegan-friendly. Cheers to a vodka that tastes as good as your dietary choices make you feel!


Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a passion for cars. After graduating from high school, I decided college wasn’t for me—I wanted to own my own business, and work with cars, so right after high school I started working with different companies that specialized in cars. In 2002, I finally opened my own auto customization shop and today I have one of the largest customization shops in the United States. I also have one of the largest collision centers in the United States as well as my own manufacturing facility in Los Angeles where I make my own wheel brand, Avorza Wheels. Plus a home automation company called Avorza Automation, that offers high-end surveillance camera and home alarm systems, along with the newest equipment and technology for smart homes. Lastly, I have my own Vodka, Avorza Vodka, which I make in Poland.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Alex Vega

What inspired you to make Avorza vodka? In August 2019 I was ambushed while pulling into my home driveway. I was shot three times and almost died. After surviving this experience and realizing how life can end when we least expect it—I decided that I needed to create something that will remain in my family for generations to come. I wanted to do something that would provide financial security for my kids and grandkids. My first thought was spirits, and since I love vodka, I decided to create the first vodka that would be so smooth, you can drink it neat and not feel that burning sensation in your throat.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Alex Vega

What is your brand’s mission? There are four factors that I wanted to include in my vodka: organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher-certified. Because of its ingredients, anybody can drink Avorza whenever they want, regardless of their diet—and I want to make it available to everyone in the world.


What about the production process can make a spirit non-vegan? Some vodka distillation and filtration processes may use gelatin, casein, albumin, isinglass, and glycerol in their production process. Additionally, once you introduce flavorings, there may be animal-derived ingredients such as honey, milk, cheese or cream. Avorza Vodka is certified Kosher meaning that a rabbi ensures that no animal contaminants are involved in the ingredients, production facility or transportation. And because our goal is to provide the purest and smoothest vodka, we will never introduce flavorings.


What is your own personal journey with veganism? I personally follow a keto diet but have a lot of people in my life who are gluten-free, strictly organic, vegan, and kosher. I wanted to create a vodka that would attract everyone, and not limit any certain person’s dietary preference.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Alex Vega

Where can we find Avorza in Miami? You can find us at restaurants, lounges, bars, hotels, and several cruise lines—and in almost every liquor store in Florida. Check out the website to discover the nearest place to you.


How is Avorza best enjoyed? On the rocks. As stated on the back of my bottle above my signature — “No mixers needed, just pour and enjoy.”


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