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Rising Star: Hoosh

The Sudan native has captured the ears of thousands with his unique style of experimental Hip-Hop mixed with R&B

Originally from Sudan but hovering in between the Middle East and the U.S, Hoosh has absorbed a variety of cultural influences over time cultivating his unique musical output.

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Hoosh blends Hip Hop, R&B and Soul seamlessly with acoustic elements to create cohesive projects that clearly convey his message. His sound consists of smooth underlying beats infused with hard-hitting 808s and silky rhythms. Hoosh’s rasping authentic sound captivates listeners with each melody, setting him aside from the rest.

He has spent a significant portion of his life in Miami, skillfully being able to blend verses about earning money with his sentiments of not feeling entirely understood by others as much as he desires. His acoustic voice captures the essence of his message and expresses it profoundly and exquisitely among rhythms with silky smooth and hard-hitting 808s. Hoosh has absorbed a wide range of cultural influences in order to produce his individual musical output.

His authentic, raspy voice draws listeners' attention and distinguishes him from the others with each tune. He intends to continue pushing his music in a more melodic and poetic direction.

Hoosh has become well-known for his beautiful voice and moody sound. It's tough to forecast where he'll roam next due to his versatility and restless lifestyle.


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