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The Buenos Aires-based gallery Futbolitis is teaming up with (RE)BOOT, a new brand championing sustainability through sport. Harnessing the raw passion of football with a vision for upcycling, guest artist Carlos Herrera creates a visual spectacle that offers a fresh perspective on the beauty of football to fans and art enthusiasts alike. Herrera, whose practice focuses on the assembly of found objects, disused textiles and organic materials, creates a body of work from waste.

This special 2023 edition puts the emphasis on materials that (RE)BOOT sourced directly from Inter Miami CF. Alongside his work, the exhibition will be showcasing 10 other artists who portray their passion for football in their craft: Ezequiel Suranyi, Mariana López, Eduardo Longoni, Andres Compagnucci, Silvina Aguirre, Marcelo Barchi, Emiliano Miliyo, Patricio Larrambebere, Lucia Harari and Guillermo Iuso.


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