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Pura Vida's Island Oasis: Bringing Wellness to Fisher Island

South Florida’s beloved wellness and lifestyle brand, Pura Vida, is making waves with the grand opening of its newest location on the exclusive Fisher Island. Known for its commitment to accessible, health-conscious cuisine, Pura Vida’s expansion to Fisher Island marks a monumental step in its mission to enrich communities and promote a wholesome way of living.

Nestled within the pristine surroundings of Fisher Island’s Racquet Club, Pura Vida's latest outpost showcases Horev Hospitality's remarkable versatility. The brand, founded in 2012 by husband-wife duo Omer and Jennifer Horev, has seamlessly fit into both rural and bustling neighborhoods, upscale retail destinations, and now, this elite enclave.

Omer Horev, Co-Founder and CEO of Horev Hospitality, shared his excitement about this landmark opening: “The opening of our Fisher Island location not only highlights our dynamic expansion approach but also underscores our pioneering role as the island's only outside operator. It serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to bringing high-quality, health-conscious cuisine within reach of diverse communities. Fisher Island represents the pinnacle of luxury living, and we're thrilled to bring the Pura Vida way of life to this exclusive community’s daily routine."

A Taste of Paradise

Members and their families on Fisher Island can look forward to Pura Vida’s signature quality-driven menu and Instagrammable aesthetic. The new location boasts lush greenery, inviting floral accents, light wooden finishes, and the brand's iconic blue umbrellas, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for a relaxing meal.

The menu offers a wide range of Pura Vida’s beloved offerings. From the famed All-Day Breakfast selections like avocado toasts, pasture-raised egg sandwiches, fresh bagels, and raw organic açaí bowls, to chef-driven salads with high-quality proteins, there’s something for everyone. Guests can also enjoy delicious sandwiches, bowls, and gluten-free and vegan sweet treats. The beverage selection includes cold-pressed juices and shots, superfood smoothies, kombucha, and artisanal coffees and teas.

More Than Just a Restaurant

Pura Vida’s dedication to fostering communities centered around health and wellness goes beyond its menu. The brand has solidified its place in the wellness community by partnering with organizations and events that share its health-focused vision. By making healthy food accessible and transforming neighborhoods into vibrant hubs of health and vitality, Pura Vida creates socially attractive and relaxing environments.

With over 20 locations across South Florida, Pura Vida continues to establish itself as a leader in the wellness and lifestyle space. The Fisher Island location is a testament to its successful expansion strategy, bringing the Pura Vida experience to one of the most exclusive communities in the region.

So, whether you’re a Fisher Island resident or planning a visit, make sure to stop by Pura Vida’s newest location. Enjoy a meal that’s as good for your soul as it is for your Instagram feed, and join the Pura Vida community in celebrating health, wellness, and the joy of good food. Welcome to paradise, where every bite is a step towards a healthier, happier life.


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