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MIAFW Jan '24: Day ONE Recap

Miami Fashion Week kicked-off yesterday with an official Press Conference, Luncheon and an epic fashion show by Karl Kani, the Godfather of Urbanwear (in attendance included Sabas Villalobos, Mario Ruiz, Ximena Ponch, Larry Sanders, Maria Laura, JhanMena, Guerdy Abraira, etc.).

Press conference at Gary Nader Art Centre

The celebrations commenced with a press conference held on Wednesday, January 24th, at the Gary Nader Art Centre. Koffeeology welcomed everyone with an exquisite cup of coffee, while 58 Gourmet offered a wide array of delectable bakery items.

Distinguished speakers graced the event, including Miami-Dade Chair Commissioner Oliver Gilbert, renowned Fashion Designer Karl Kani, Chair of Miami Fashion Institute Oscar López, esteemed Art Collector Gary Nader, prominent Fashion Executive CaSandra Diggs, and the Executive Managing Director of MIAFW, Lourdes Fernandez-Velasco.

Kick off luncheon at Kiki on the River

The day continued with a Lunch at Kiki on The River restaurant, where all MIAFW community gathered to start off the week.

Industry leaders engaged in a Style and Culture dialogue featuring CaSandra Diggs, Karl Kani, Filmmaker Jessy Terrero, and Songwriter Ashley Joi.

Karl Kani at the Elser Hotel

Renowned brand Karl Kani, as a special guest, made its debut appearance at MIAFW to unveil its collection at The Elser Hotel, providing guests with an immersive

experience into his distinctive world. 

The roots of streetwear directly trace back to designer, mogul, innovator, creator, and visionary Karl Kani. His very name encompasses one of fashion’s most disruptive, dynamic, and definitive legacies passed down from one generation to the next, redefining apparel for the culture again and again over the course of three decades and counting.

Fashion may change, but Karl Kani is forever. His inimitable mark on fashion at large will never fade.


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