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Mask Proof Makeup: The New Normal

We are all adjusting to the “new normal” that is Covid-19. From the way that we shop, to the new ways we connect and interact with friends and family it’s clear that things are changing. With the introduction of mandatory face covering policies for most stores and restaurants, our beautifully made up faces are taking a hit! Mask lines and evaporating makeup plague us all. Luckily for you I have 3 tips that will mask proof your makeup! 

#1 Ditch Your Dewy Foundation 

Masks LOVE dewy, creamy, or satin finish foundation formulas. Cotton masks will naturally absorb foundation while surgical masks will shift the foundation and leave mask lines. So instead opt for a matte finish foundation. Many matte formulas are available with waterproof and long wearing features which are perfect when you need transfer resistant makeup. For even more added security swap out your liquid foundation for a powder foundation.

My Recommendation:  MAC Pro long wear Foundation Or MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation 

#2 Press. It. IN!

I can not express the importance of this simple makeup hack enough. For the best coverage and longevity of your makeup, it is SUPER important that you press the products (i.e. Foundation, concealer, setting powder) into your skin. The process of layering products in this way will really make the difference in the look and longevity of your makeup. Thank me later.

#3 Don’t Forget Too Set

Before you grab that mask, be sure to set your look using a setting spray. More specifically a waterproof or long wear setting spray. These types of setting sprays help to reinforce the transfer proof finish of your makeup. 

My Recommendation: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray or Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray

Did you try any of these tips? Share it with us! #MiamiVibesBeautyTips

-Ianna Walker “The Beauty Nigist”

IG: @beauty.nigist


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