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Let's talk about CRAVINGS!

Let's talk about CRAVINGS!

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words | Anna Bonanno – Certified Integrative Health Coach


Something that everyone of us has “suffered” from time to time or that you are actually suffering at the moment.

This might be the cause why you aren't able to get healthier or to loose weight, specially now that everyone is aiming for that.

So... is it possible to navigate cravings with mindfulness?


There are many causes of strong cravings for particular foods or flavors that can make navigating them seem tricky. However, gaining a deeper understanding of how cravings work allows you to mindfully respond to your bio-individual cravings.

Take into account that having cravings isn't always a bad thing. In fact, they are sometimes a good indicator that you are not getting the nourishment you are seeking, which may not have anything to do with food (emotional problems, relationships, work environment, life goals, etc.).

A craving might be a message from your body that it's seeking a particular food to promote health and well-being(for example craving a nourishing soup when you are not feeling well), but cravings can be precipitated by your emotional state, physiological state, diet, routine, or even your surroundings.

When cravings arise, they can be a symptom indicating an imbalance occurring elsewhere; investigating cravings is a great opportunity to treat the cause, not the symptom.

For example: hormonal imbalance during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause, may cause unique cravings.

What does navigating cravings with mindfulness means?

  • Acknowledging cravings as they arise.

  • Exploring the origin with nonjudgemental curiosity.

  • Proceed from a place of empowerment.

Whether you choose to move forward with fulfilling a particular food craving or explore another option to nourish yourself, the point is to make educated, empowered decisions that work for you.

Stay healthy and happy with Nutrition!

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