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Have you heard of The 30Day Club?

Have you heard of The 30Day Club?

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words | Anna Bonanno – Certified Integrative Health Coach

A comprehensive program that we have created with the desire to help you feel ENERGETIC and HEALTHY through a plant-based diet and the elimination of foods that tend to cause inflammation, also with stretching and yoga routines.

The goal of this program is to work on your body, heart and soul.

You will EAT nourishing foods, MEDITATE through movement, give LOVE to your body and SHARE with an amazing group of people.

October will be the month in which this Program will start.

Did you know that October is the month dedicated to create awareness around depression and mental health?

Did you know that these issues are related with inflammation and gut health?

We are all at risk for chronic, silent inflammation because we are living at a time of evolutionary mismatch. That is, our modern lifestyles create incompatibilities between what our genes expect from us and what our world demands. We eat foods that are processed beyond recognition, we are sitting inside offices and cars most of the day, and we are exposed to thousands of modern chemicals.

Inflammation and gut problems and the result of these types of conflicts.

Science is showing that inflammation and gut problems are at the root of nearly every disease. They are linked to everything from metabolic disorders, like obesity and diabetes, to neurodegenerative diseases and also cancer.

The intestinal wall is our border with the outside world. Because the gut is where things from the outside are absorbed inside our bodies. Considering the functions of our gut, it makes sense that most of our immune cells are located in the gut. When a potential thread is sensed in the gut, inflammation occurs, and it can travel directly from your gut to your brain.

The 30Day Club serves as a guide and vibrant community to help people start making healthy habits. The importance of a supportive community cannot be overstated, especially as research has shown that loneliness can drive inflammation and depression.

Do you want to join our October edition? Send me a message.

Stay healthy and happy with Superfoods!

If you want to know how, send me an email:

Or send me a DM on IG: @annahealthylifestyle


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