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"Coronavirus success – How these businesses have learned to adapt and find success"

Join us in learning and supporting the Journey of Entrepreneurship through the eyes of these JEFA’S!

These women are out here building empires, taking and creating space for the women in our community to feel special, feel uplifted, inspired and motivated to take the necessary steps and follow that dream. But we get real here, the clean and the dirty. Learn how you can better support and spread love within your community.

1. Tell us your elevator pitch! GO:

I’m a fashion and advertising photographer & filmmaker. I’m also one half of DUPLA Studio, a creative boutique.

2. How did your upbringing influence your journey as a Jefa Entrepreneur?

I grew up in an advertising family and we had our own agency. I’ve only ever known being self-employed. So when I grew up I made my own hustle.

3. What does the word Jefa mean to you? And how do you feel you represent yourself in that space?

I get to decide how to use my talents, efforts and time. I have the freedom to create for myself, and collaborate with my clients to fulfill a common vision.

4. What is the inspiration behind your brand or brands and doing what you love?

a. EVA HART is my professional photography & filmmaking work and represents my original talent and craft for agencies and clients.

b. DUPLA Studio is a creative atelier with my husband/partner that focuses on branding, design, and products. DUPLA allows us to more fully a more complete creative vision and message beyond the photography.

5. How do you stay motivated to keep going especially during this crazy 2020?

Using creativity as an outlet has been the best way to keep balance. I’ve begun painting portraits of people I miss and completing small commissions. I’m also creating objets d’art from found items. Our home has really become our canvas. We also stay productive with our studio and are producing a new cookbook that combines our photography and design.

6. What do you do to escape and recharge?

Since moving to Miami Beach I’ve become a committed practitioner of ashtanga yoga under the guidance of the Miami Life Center. I practice daily before my day starts to ground myself.

7. How have you created a community within your brand?

@EvaHartStudio is where I share my on-going work and finished projects. It’s a chance to show my process and encourage others who may be interested in pursuing their own work.

8. What do you love most about Miami? Favorite SPOT?

I love Miami’s people, culture and food. I’m constantly inspired by everything I see. Through my documentary series, DOBEDO, I seek out and get to know people in Miami that interest me and share my excitement for this city. My home city of Miami Beach is my favorite place. It has everything I need to feel fulfilled.

9. How has the culture and diversity in Miami influenced you, your brand and your network?

I started my career in the Dominican Republic. My style and influences fit well in the Miami creative scene. There’s an element of home for me, but it’s also so far from the reality I grew up in.

10. What's one takeaway you feel every Entrepreneur should live by?

Entrepreneurs have to battle a lot of doubt. From outside and from within. Never forget your “Why”. Your reason for doing this. Whenever in doubt, come back to your “Why”.

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