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Balloon Museum Opens in Miami: June 2024

Photo and Video Credit: Courtesy of Balloon Museum

Balloon Museum, Miami Vibes Magazine

Global Phenomenon and Immersive Contemporary Art Exhibition

“Let’s Fly” Arrives in Miami

Balloon Museum, Miami Vibes Magazine

Get ready to let your imagination soar! The first-of-its-kind Balloon Museum is set to open in Miami on June 22nd, offering both locals and travelers a unique and immersive art experience. This extraordinary pop-up installation is located at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center and features renowned pieces from 20 international artists. The interactive exhibition promises to take viewers' imagination to new heights with mind-blowing inflatable installations that blend contemporary art with a hands-on experience. This fusion of art and culture is poised to become a vibrant addition to Miami's bustling scene.

Having captivated over 4.4 million visitors worldwide, the Balloon Museum's mesmerizing exhibition has made stops in major cities like Rome, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Naples, London, New York City, Atlanta, Barcelona, and Dusseldorf. The museum won the prestigious BEA Best Proprietary Format award in 2022 and was notably featured as a can't-miss backdrop in the Emmy-nominated Netflix series "Emily in Paris."

Balloon Museum, Miami Vibes Magazine

The Miami edition will showcase the "Let’s Fly" exhibition, exploring the intriguing contrast between lightness and heaviness. Using air as a medium, the artworks represent flight, allowing audiences to metaphorically soar and travel to distant destinations, contrasted with elements of heaviness, darkness, and gravity. The exhibition will present installations by artists such as Filthy Luker, Tadao Cern, MyeongBeom Kim, OUCHHH, SpY, Max Streicher, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Michael Shaw, ENESS, Roman Hill, Quiet Ensemble, Rub Kandy, Cyril Lancelin, Sila Sveta, Camilla Falsini, MOTOREFISCO, Alex Schweder, Hyperstudio, Mauro Pace, and Sasha Frolova.

Tickets for the Balloon Museum in Miami start at $29 for children and $39 for adults, with special rates for Florida residents, students, and military personnel starting at $36. To stay updated and join the waitlist, sign up today at

For more information about the Balloon Museum, visit and follow the exhibition on Facebook and Instagram. Don't miss this chance to experience an artistic adventure like no other!


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