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Art's New Era: Reisinger Takes Over Miami!

Andrés Reisinger presents “Take Over Miami”, bringing to physical life, for the first time ever, his viral digital art series: a Spectacular Public Art Installation in the Miami

Design District during Miami Art Week 2023.

Renowned digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger presents “Take Over Miami”, a spectacular public art installation showcased at the Miami Design District during Miami Art Week 2023. Radiating the city with a pink-hued creative energy, Reisinger transcends the boundaries between the digital and the physical, and debuts a physical version of his viral digital series of ‘Take Overs’. Developed in collaboration with the Miami Design District.

In a groundbreaking exploration of the intersection between the digital and physical realms, visionary digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger presents the world's first public art installation seamlessly transitioned from the digital canvas to the physical world. In January 2023 Reisinger began the ongoing ‘Take Over’ series of digital artworks as an exercise of creative freedom and democratization of the arts. The creative talent reinterprets the architecture of major capitals around the globe with pink drapes, integrating hyper realistic elements into existing buildings. Blurring the lines between the digital and the physical, Reisinger proposes a novel and singular interpretation of things we consider mundane, inviting us to question the definition of ‘real’: to him, anything that constitutes a human experience is real, regardless of whether it exists in the digital or physical realm.

Leveraging social media as a dynamic and accessible exhibition space, the ‘Take Over’ digital series prompts questions about the location and temporality of the installation; an interplay that disrupts conventional definitions of ‘real’ in art, asserting that the true essence lies in the experiential.

For the first time ever, in ‘Take Over Miami’ Reisinger takes a step forth and brings to physical life the digital series, inviting art enthusiasts to join the transformation of a physical space into a surreal dreamscape of boundless creativity. Together with the Miami Design District, Reisinger showcases this cutting-edge art piece during Miami Art Week, a platform that gathers and celebrates innovation in art. Eschewing classification, Reisinger orchestrates a vivid dialogue between corporeal and virtual dimensions, creating an artwork that unfolds as an experiential landscape and invites viewers into a physical space where imagination and reality intersect.

“I conceived the installation to transcend mere visuality and become a confrontation, a mirror reflecting the viewer’s own mutable internal landscapes. I delved myself into an ongoing exploration of the fluctuating boundaries between consciousness and the unconscious, a dialogue that finds echoes in art. The installation emerges as a synthesis of practices, a conduit for transformative experiences. A warm thank you to Miami Design District for walking beside me in making this new experience possible” states Reisinger.

‘Take Over Miami’ once again challenges viewers to question, ponder, and embark on their own quests for understanding, much in the same way that Reisinger has been influenced by transformative philosophical and mystical insights.


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