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Gaetano Pesce's 'Again in Miami With Multidisciplinary Works'  exhibition made its debut to the public on Monday, December 4th. The collection is a time-machine blending Pesce's past and present intuitions and ideas, which also spotlights his brand-new works -

the majority of them never shown before.

The exhibit is an ensemble of 28 works where the legendary designer's kaleidoscope of unpredictability, sensuality and irony is displayed in full force and more gleaming than ever.

Among them, Oman Chair and Oman Cabinet are sharp and translucent oversized pieces of furniture thought of for an upcoming show; Il Pugno (Si e' dischiuso), Il Guanto e O' Sole Mio' are works originally conceived in the '70s and crafted again in 2023, where the designer tests the breadth and the durability of his own design using modern techniques; the Affections Chairs explore not only gender but also intergenerational relationships, and are completely made by hand, in painted resin; and, additionally, the gilded Up 5 + 6 “Compasso D’Oro” Limited Edition produced by B&B, is part of an exclusive collection of 500 pieces paying homage to the Italian famous Compasso d'Oro award -one of the most authoritative in the design world- won last year by Pesce's iconic anthropomorphic chair. 


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