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With many meals like salty doughnuts and burgers being the order of the day, one might think that there is no healthy spot for great meals. However, what if I told you that there are equally satisfying spots with clean and delicious meals? Well, look no further. Here are some of the trending spots in Miami you can try out today.

Planta South Beach

This is a Toronto-based restaurant that recently opened in Miami Beach. They specialized in meat-free burgers made of lentils and black beans, all topped with lentils and vegan cheese, all of which are healthy for you. This restaurant has other vegan recipes you are bound to enjoy when you visit.


Malibu Farm Miami Beach

Who wouldn't like to visit a healthy farm eatery that uses vegetables and fruits for just about everything? This half-indoor restaurant has a lot of recipes you cannot go wrong with.

Plant Miami

Plant Miami is a Wynwood eatery with many plant-based dishes, all designed to satisfy you. Even with the beauty in these recipes, the one thing we cannot fail to mention is that everything is gluten-free. For what it's worth, their pancakes are excellent, and you need to try it out.

Bunnie Cakes

Even though we love to eat clean, you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied, and that is where Bunnie Cakes come into the picture. However, all of the cake recipes here are gluten-free with many flavors like lime, banana, and guava, all of which are far better than their gluten-packed counterparts.


Carrot Express

Carrot Express represents a health and wellness lifestyle by offering quality food handcrafted food. Founded in 1993, Mario Laufer saw the lack of nutritious cuisine in Miami Beach and started serving a balance of delicious and healthy fare inside a gas station on Alton Road in

South Beach. Nearly 20 years later, Carrot Express now has six locations in South Florida including Aventura, Coral Gables, Midtown Miami, South Beach North Beach and most recently Downtown Miami.

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