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Top Miami DJs and their residency

Top Miami DJs and their residency

The modern DJ's role is to create a seamless and extended mix of music for a dance party or club atmosphere. The term "disk jockey" was introduced in 1935 by Walter Winchell, an American radio commentator. It is evolved by the radio personalities who played individually selected recorded music during broadcasting. Nowadays, it has become one of the popular ways to party, especially among young people. III Points and Miami Music Week are top two festivals where the local DJs can show off their talents to the world. Here are Miami’s top Djs based on the party promoters and industry insiders' recommendations and popularity.

Ms Mada

"She's the best DJ at Space — probably the best DJ in Miami," told by the III Points cofounder David Sinopoli in Miami New Times. Ms Mada (real name Rachel Tumada) is the only female of mainstay electronic promoters "Link Miami Rebels". She has become the foremost local scene member, where she owns two institutions in electronic music in Miami. She is now performing in Club Space, Electric Pickle, Treehouse, Trade and Story.

Brother Dan

Daniel Edenburg, known as Brother Dan, took place New Times' Best of Miami 2018 award for best DJ. Edenburg has become a soul and funk Mixmaster where EDM and house music is the top popular recreation. His music sourced from all around the world with an extensive personal vinyl collection. Recently he mostly played at Electric Pickle, Bardot, Floyd, Wynwood 5th Avenue.


Another talented DJ Artist Delgado is known as Craze. He is the only solo DJ who had won three-time DMC World Champion and Time magazine's 2001 "America's Best DJ." He works hard to prove that DJs' aren't "professional iPod controllers." He gave a lecture in Red Bull music academy as a DJ and went with Kanye West for his Glow in the Dark tour. DJ Craze has been working with THUMP and A-Trak since 2017 to bring DJ Battles in the Goldie Awards.

Oscar G

He used to DJ baile de quinceanera in teenage, but now he is scoring top-ten hits on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart dozen times. He performs in many places but no matter where is performing, he always reps the 305. As one-half of Murk Records, alongside childhood friend Ralph Falcon, Oscar G has placed the Magic City on the map.

Lazaro Casanova 

Lazaro Casanova is Miami's House Hustler: manager of Oscar G's Murk record, owner of his own record label, and petFood. At Coyo Taco during Murk Mondays he performs with Oscar G. Other times he hosts petFood parties at the Electric Pickle or record for Murk. He also hosts his own radio show Futro with Oscar G, Mondays from 4 to 6 p.m. on ""


Another talented DJ who loves to perform at Thompson Miami Beach and also one of the cofounders of Peachfuzz . He is also in the production of his new label, Rearview Records. "I think what we're looking for, what we're looking to establish more than anything, is consistency in Miami," DZA mentioned last year.

Danny Daze 

Danny Daze is an inspiration to the new DJ for tireless work on new music to becoming an international DJ. He moved to Berlin in 2013 but 70% of his time passes in Miami. He also created a new record label, Omnidisc.

Jessica Who 

She is another real celebrity who is still doesn't forget her city. She has been featured on 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and Red Bull's Inspire the Night series.

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