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Top 5 Vegan Fitness Influencers
in Miami

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Miami is known for warm weather, spectacular beaches and sexy locals, but adding to that list is the burgeoning vegan scene. The plant-based movement has taken the world by storm, with more people becoming vegan every day. We all know that following a new lifestyle can be challenging to say the least. That is why we need inspiration from Miami’s hottest vegan and fitness influencers. We found them for you. All you now need to do is follow them!

Torre Washington @torre.washington

Torre Washington @torre.washington

Torre’s vegan lifestyle comes from embracing his ITAL (natural living off of the land for food and life) Rastafarian roots. He has been a vegan for 22 years now. When he started out with bodybuilding it was unusual to be vegan, but instead of discouraging him it motivated him to pursue his passion of bodybuilding. He believes in sculpting your physique to the way you want it to look and fitness and veganism are the keys to achieving that. He is also a global public speaker that gives him the opportunity to motivate others to reach their dreams. Check out his website at


Ella Magers @sexyfitvegan

Ella’s vegan lifestyle stems from her passion, as a young girl, to save animals’ lives and stop animal cruelty. She is also considered an expert in veganism, wellness and fitness and has been featured in widespread magazines. She is a published author and speaker and has hosted many fitness workshops around the globe. After healing from her own struggles, she was eager to share the knowledge that she acquired over the years and therefore founded the Vegan Life Coach Academy. She wanted to encourage people to change their perspectives to transition to a healthy vegan lifestyle. She was on a mission to promote and bring the fitness vegan lifestyle to the mainstream public. She eventually founded, the Sexy Fit Vegan in 2013. Check out her website at

Ella Magers

Karina Inkster @karinainkster

Karina has a background in health and aging, with a master’s degree in Gerontology. She is also a vegan fitness coach, known as Coach K, who inspires and motivates her clients to live their best, healthiest and most plant-strong life. Not only is she also an author, speaker and podcast host, but she is also an award-winning and certified online coach. She has many allergies that makes eating healthy even harder for her, but she has found her way around that. She really wants to help her clients to overcome their limitations and as she puts it, “start getting the results of their dreams”. Check out her website at

Miami Vibes Magazine

Crissi Carvalho @veganfitnessmodel

Crissi became part of the fitness industry at a very young age of 16 years. She spent most of her time in personal training, teaching aerobics and competing in fitness model competitions. She followed all the tried and tested diets and programs in the industry, which eventually caused her to develop a very negative mindset. Then at age 38, due to health concerns, she drastically changed her lifestyle and eating habits to veganism. She believes that the vegan lifestyle not only reduces heart disease and cancer but helps to protect animals and restore the environment that so desperately needs our attention to thrive in the future. She is a health coach who uses her vast experience in the industry to educate her clients on what is important for their bodies and how they can realistically achieve their goals. You can check out her website at

Miami Vibes Magazine

Korin Sutton @korinsutton

Korin is an online coach who helps new vegans lose fat and learn nutrition. He first decided to become a vegan after he listened to Gary Tourofsky’s speech at Broward Collage and says that it, “totally opened his eyes”. He also says that before he heard Gary’s speech, he always had a misconception on how animals were being treated and on the subject of animal nutrition. From then onwards he has been vegan. He slowly eased into veganism until he ultimately followed a completely plant-based diet. He is also a bodybuilder who strive to show others that a strong and healthy body can be achieved by living a vegan lifestyle. Check out his website at

Miami Vibes Magazine
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