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The Real Gianluca Vacchi

  |  Words / Cybil Bonhomme   | The Creative Corner

Gianluca Vacchi

Miami is known for its warm weather and beaming sun, but once in a while there will be patches of grey. Pretty seldom does it get cold. As we waited on the Happy Hour Yacht for Gianluca Vacchi’s arrival, the weather progressively grew worse. We were covered under a grey umbrella sky with absolutely no sun peeking through and the drizzle of rain only made things more nerve wracking. What a horrible day to be out and about on a yacht for a photo shoot.

I kid you not, the moment Gianluca arrived to the marina, the sky started to clear, beaming with sunshine and the day became just as vibrant and colorful as his personality. From there on out, it was good vibes only.


Gianluca Vacchi

Miami Vibes Magazine’s Director of entertainment, Ingrid Fajardo, had a one-on-one to discover who is this beaming influencer we all have come to know 
and love.

Gianluca is just as animated in person as he is on social media and is always ready to just “bust a move.” He loves to “travel and be active” and considers Miami to be his second home. In 2015, he bought a house in this Magic City and has been frequenting  
it since.

He claims there is more to him aside from the life on the beach and the boat stating that, “of course on social media you show the part that is more entertaining for people. What the public may not be aware about is that there is a Gianluca that works, and has worked a lot in the past.” He really wants to show the public his real personality. The one that “always smiles and faces life with joy.”

Gianluca enjoys life more so now than he did before and quotes, “life before was not giving me the vibes that I wanted.” So, he decided to join social media where he gained his popularity and became an overnight sensation. His life has completely changed from coming out of meetings with bankers and lawyers to living the life of a “rockstar.”

Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca describes growing up in Italy as living in any other European town: very traditional, surrounded by the love of his family and having respect for his parents. He grew up with a father who was “super open and super modern,” had a traditional education of a “bougie class family” and revealed signs of creativity very early on.

His favorite childhood memories are linked to his skiing days. He was a professional skier for ten years (between the ages of 7 and 17) and won an Italian championship. He laughed and said that was his life, “more than school, thank God.” He may not ski anymore, but has kept up with the athletic lifestyle of working out every day to stay in shape. To him “the body is like the vehicle through which we can live this beautiful gift that is life. We have to keep it in shape if 
we can.”

Where does Gianluca get all this rhythm? He expressed that he has always felt the Latin beats, which most likely stems from his Argentinian grandmother. He became close to the Latino community when he was contacted by Hispanic artists who had seen him dance, namely J. Balvin. He considers J. Balvin a serious and real friend and says they are like “little and big brother.”

Gianluca has traveled to various parts of the Hispanic realm including Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Honduras and Guatemala  and feels a sense of connection to the people when he visits because their spirit is very 

Gianluca Vacchi

similar to his own: “super open, always smiling, happy and totally award that life is a privilege and a gift."

Gianluca understands that being in the eye of the public comes with great responsibility, knowing that the younger generation is looking up to him as a role model. He says, “despite what the bougie class thinks, even laughing and doing silly things can inspire people because, silly and funny things when it comes from a person doing serious stuff at work, means a lot. The message is very strong. The message is do serious stuff but remember life is just one and you have to celebrate it as it deserves to be celebrated.”

Gianluca has some pretty big plans for 2019 and says he is super open to what life brings to him. He doesn’t dismiss the idea of having a “third life”consisting of acting and what not. He is committed to try to make his life even more unique than it already is. “Life at the end of the day is my life,and I do what I want with my life.”

After sharing a video of his new dog, Gianluca sent us on our way with one last inspiring message:


“if you lose the capability of dreaming, you lose your life. So, at the end of the day what people like me do is encourage people to dream because things are achievable. Things are achievable when

you believe in them.”

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