January 01, 2021

Start Your Year With a Reset at the Setai

Separate from Mainland Miami, South Beach is known for its long coasts and deep sea-green beaches. South Beach is the epitome of Florida, the ultimate representation of Florida’s sunshine and sandy beaches. With the sun glistening on the waters, The Setai, Miami is the perfect place for you to stay, relax and calm your nerves as you enter 2021.

The Setai, Miami

The Setai, Miami is a luxury beach hotel situated along the Miami beach. With most of us having to spend time at home in 2020, entering into 2021 requires both splendor and relaxation of nature, which The Setai offers.

What Makes the Setai So Special?

Infinity Pools

The Setai offers three infinity pools, with controlled temperatures Stay in the water at the hotel, all the while enjoying views of South Beach and the vast horizon beyond Miami. These three pools are at 75, 85, and 90-degrees respectively.

Ocean-Side Riding on Bikes
These bikes have been specifically designed by Republic to run on sand, beside the ocean. Imagine yourself cycling on the seaside, immersed in the sandy beach and the waves as they crash against the wheels and your feet. The bicycles come with attached beautiful baskets and every rider gets a matching helmet to go with their bike.

Ocean Suites

After being at home for so long an experience to live beside the ocean is what everyone needs. The ocean suites, along with their full see-through glass windows, feature a spectacular view of the Miami beach. Alternatively, you can go to art deco suites too.

We have made it through 2020, so what better way to celebrate it than at The Setai, Miami? The Setai, Miami is one of the top resort hotels in the world. There is nothing better than staying right beside the welcoming waves of South Beach. Make the best out of things to do in Miami by starting your 2021 with a reset at The Setai.

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