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Sounds by Yissel

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Sounds by Yissel

In nothing short of five-inch heels, you’ll find YISSEL spinning a unique style that has come to distinguish her from the rest. Don’t underestimate the confidence packed into this feisty five-foot package, who has performed before massive audiences during Art Basel, SBWFF, NYFW and collaborated with top brands including Ferrari, Christian Louboutin, Puma, Maxim and more. 

Her talents can be seen and heard at special events from Santo Domingo to Switzerland and of course, Miami Beach, where she has graced the turntables in the city's most popular venues. 

She currently holds residencies at nightlife hotspots, such as E11even, Miami Heat 


Sounds by Yissel

games inside Hyde American Airlines Arena, & poolside at Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel.

The idea of Djing stemmed from my previous background in event marketing. 

"Immersed in the nightlife scene, music and trends was something I naturally studied, learned and loved." 

The idea of DJing came as a casual thought, something I wanted to do as a hobby to distract me from the stress of my demanding job. Long story short, hobby turned into full-time career.

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