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Sophia Clerius: Model

 The Creative Corner


Sophia Clerius was born in L’artibonite Verrettes. She migrated to the US in her early teens in West Virginia, it is where she grew up. She later moved to Florida after high school to  pursue her modeling career. Since then she has worked for Khol’s, Walmart, essence magazine (October 2011 issue), seventeen magazine(october 2011,july 2011, june/july 2010), JC penney salon, Target and many other magazines and circulations. She definitely has more to come.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I was born in Verrettes, L’ Artibonite Haiti. I grew up in West Virginia.

Q: How long have you been in Miami
A: I have been living in South Florida for 15 years.

Q: What made you move to Miami?
A: I initially moved to Palm Beach while I was in high school. I stayed  in Florida for 2 years and moved back to West Virginia. The second time around, I moved to South Florida to pursue a modeling career.

Q: What was your career path?
A: I started as a Fashion Model and eventually, I transitioned to Print Modeling and acting.

Q: Who influenced you the most?
A: At the beginning of my career I was influenced by the greats: Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. While I am still very much influenced by those timeless beauties, my Instagram timeline inspires me. The Influencers, the Vloggers, the women who made a way out of no way.

Q: What motivates you?
A: My family motivates me. My wonderful husband and children.  The phenomenal women in my family motivate me to strive for greatness in everything that I put my mind into. Finally,  I find motivation in everything and everyone around me.

Q: Can you describe that "moment" (experience, emotion,) when you knew you wanted to be a model?
A: I have always wanted to become a model since my early teens. The first time I hit the runway in modeling school is when I knew I HAD to materialize my dream. After that “moment”, it wasn’t a desire but more so a goal.

Q: What would you say was your most memorable experience/moment in modeling?
A: I had many unforgettable experiences as a model. I traveled, I met many great people: Agents, Clients, Makeup-artists, Photographers, Designers and Models.  I am most  proud of one of my recent projects which is a commercial for  Salesforce/Marriot as it was my first acting gig.

Q: What is something most people wouldn’t know about you?
A: Most people wouldn’t know I am a home body and a social introvert.

Q: What’s a quote you live by?
A: I have so many. Some of my favorites: “Purpose over popularity.” “Joie De Vivre.” “Live and let live.”  “Be yourself.”
With social media playing such a huge part in our lives and the frequency of posts determines “relevancy”, so many people feel the need to do and post things that does not reflect who they truly are just to stay “relevant.” Sometimes having purpose and disagreeing with what is trending is labeled as lame. I call it purpose and having a sense of self.  I am an advocate for “doing you”. Whatever that is.  


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