November  25, 2020

Romero Britto: Creating Music

for the Eyes

Romero Britto, Miami Vibes Magazine

As the Miami Art week is starting we met up with the Happy, the Bright, and the Talented Romero Britto in his large, colorful, and brand new Factory of a studio! Walking in, we were immediately greeted by a large yellow wall covered in hearts which immediately set the stage for a happy visit.

We are also excited about the recent announcement of Romero Britto's biopic that is currently in pre-production by the same production company that filmed Walt Disney's biopic, Walt Before Mickey. The film is set to be released in 2021 but for now, we hope you enjoy this brief but pleasant interview with the artist who has a taste for visual music.

Romero Britto, Miami Vibes Magazine

What do you like most about it?

I really like the layout with all its departments and with not too much traffic around it’s very calm. The team really likes it as well.


What kind of role do you want your art to play in society?

Creating art is such a nice process, the making of it always makes me feel good. When I started creating art I didn’t think my art would be a source of inspiration to so many people. And that’s my biggest hope, that my art can be a source of inspiration for other artists.


If you love to create art, there are also many forces holding you back, especially for younger artists. Things like; “How are you going to sustain yourself?”, “Will people come to see your art?”, “How will you be able to create your art.” are some of the challenging questions younger artists face. And that is what I hope my art can be a source of inspiration for.

Britto Photography by Giano Currie Leica