Pretty Cocktails for Tough Dudes

It’s customary for the fellas to watch the women sipping pretty cocktails in their scandalous party dress swaying their hips from side to side at the far end of the bar, while guzzling down a drink of their own. What has altered in the scene is the drink men are consuming. Their mixed drink nowadays may not be the traditional bourbon and sodas or the gin and tonic, rather pretty fancy cocktails of their own.

  Posted on June 01, 2020  | Words: Miami Vibes Editors | food & drinks


1.5 oz Ron Barceló Dark Series

1 oz Aloe Vera Juice1oz Cucumber water

4 slices muddled cucumber


Muddle cucumbers

In a shaker, add remaining ingredients, a cup of ice and shake vigorously

Strain into a martini glass.

Add simple syrup to decrease strength of cocktail (optional)


small running title

2 oz Ron Barceló Imperial

1 oz Grand Marnier

2 oz Passionfruit or Pineapple juice

Dash of cherry juice


In a rocks glass, garnish the rim with Tajin (optional)Pour rum, Grand Marnier and juice into a shaker and shake vigorously

Strain into a glass full of crushed ice

Lastly, add a dash of cherry juice for that red bottom look

Miami Vibes


2 oz Ron Barceló Gran Añejo

½ oz Chartreuse

½ oz Pistachio syrup

½  oz Lemon juice

1 Egg white


Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake vigorously

Strain into a champagne coupe

To create foam, use 2 egg whites and decorate with edible flowers (optional)


2 oz Ron Barceló Dark Series

1 cup frozen pineapple

2 oz coconut cream

1 oz coconut water


In a blender, add all ingredients and blend until smooth and frosty

Pour into a daiquiri or tall glass

Garnish rim with toasted coconuts and top off with coconut flakes (optional)

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