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Ultraclub E11EVEN Miami Gears Up For Another Over The Top Miami Music Week

Join the weekend celebration at E11EVEN Miami with DeadMau5, xx, and more. 

As the city buzzes with anticipation, E11EVEN Miami, the globally celebrated, award-winning ultraclub, is once again at the forefront, orchestrating what promises to be another unparalleled Miami Music Week. Known for its electrifying ambiance and hosting memorable performances by the music industry's elite, E11EVEN is set to captivate attendees in its

characteristically grandiose manner.

The spectacle commences on Wednesday, March 19, with "Robin Shultz & Friends" inaugurating the week with a vibrant display of musical artistry. The momentum surges into Thursday, March 21st, as the legendary DJ/Producer deadmau5 is slated to deliver an awe-inspiring performance, accompanied by a cadre of very special guests. The excitement crescendos on Friday, March 22nd, as E11EVEN stands at the zenith of Music Week, hosting "Dim Mak presents Miami 2024" with an ultra-special guest star attraction.

The thrill escalates further on Saturday, March 23rd, with Illenium captivating the audience with his dynamic stage presence. The grand culmination on Sunday, March 24th, promises a spectacular close to Miami Music Week, featuring exhilarating performances by artists yet to be disclosed.

Amidst the sonic adventures, E11EVEN extends an invitation for a unique nocturnal dining experience at its lavish rooftop restaurant, Giselle. Here, patrons are treated to a culinary odyssey that merges the intricate flavors of Asian, Mediterranean, and French cuisine, complemented by an exquisite selection of meticulously crafted cocktails. Giselle beckons music aficionados to savor their meals under the celestial canopy, serenaded by live performances from an all-female lineup, including the multi-faceted DJ and producer, Sam Blacky, setting the perfect prelude to the night's ensuing festivities at E11EVEN.

Reservation at Giselle is highly advised, not just for the gastronomic delights but for the rare opportunity to indulge in a harmonious blend of gourmet dining and musical ecstasy. As E11EVEN Miami reinforces its status as the epicenter of Miami Music Week, it invites you to partake in an experience that promises to be etched in memory long after the week's reverberations have faded. Make sure your Miami Music Week is marked by unforgettable moments by choosing E11EVEN Miami as your destination of choice.


WHEN: E11EVEN Miami’s “Miami Music Week” Lineup

  • Wednesday, March 20 - Robin Schulz, Elephante, Lovra, Sam Blacky, Wave Wave

  • Thursday, March 21 – To Be Announced

  • Friday, March 22 - Dim Mak Miami 2024 Showcase featuring Steve Aoki and friends

  • Saturday, March 23 – Illenium + Very Special Guest

  • Sunday, March 24 - deadmau5 + Cedric Gervais


WHERE: E11EVEN Miami | 29 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132

TICKETS & TABLES: For Tickets and/or table reservations, please visit,


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