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Timur is of the Essence

Timur Tugberk, Miami Vibes Magazine

Content creator. Influencer. On-air talent. Author. Journalist. Blogger. SEO manager. Sales

leader. Marketing director. Publicist. Data analyst. Performance marketer. Brand launcher.

Event planner. Web builder. Graphic designer. Copywriter. Social media manager. Timur

Tugberk has worn almost every hat in the creative communications field—and

he looks damn good in all of them.

“I am not a linear person or professional, I am multi-dimensional, dynamic, and my rainbow trail of glittered destruction (success) speaks for itself.”

Timur Tugberk, Miami Vibes Magazine

Now more than ever, being an entrepreneur hinges on the ability to be multidimensional and dynamic—and Timur has combined his unique background and diverse skillset to do just that.

He has always valued education, considering it as a form of currency—and this mindset has

played a pivotal role in shaping his career trajectory. From his early days in Maryland to

becoming a nationally recognized influencer-publicist-marketer based right here in the Magic City, Timur’s business savvy is a testament to his creative problem-solving and nonlinear ingenuity.

“Put yourself out there, say yes to opportunity, get over yourself and your ego — success is not entitled and does not come to you, you earn it. So strap on those boots, get your hands dirty, develop your experience, nurture your relationships, stay kind and lead every day with love.”

Timur Tugberk, Miami Vibes Magazine

His entrepreneurial journey officially began in 2005 when he started Timur Tugberk's Events, Interiors, and Media while still in college. Always a bit of a mover and shaker on the D.C. metro area social scene, Timur’s natural magnetism led local businesses to approach him for promotions and marketing to his follower base. While his original focus was on interior design, the Great Recession in 2008 forced a pivot in his services. Soon after, Timur's self-taught marketing knowledge and design background helped him break into the corporate marketing world, where he continued to expand his tactical communications toolbox for his own clients.

“In 2011, I started my first corporate marketing job, which literally taught me everything about corporate working and marketing, to expand my self-taught marketing and PR experience.”

Timur Tugberk, Miami Vibes Magazine

After relocating from D.C. to San Francisco, New York/LA, and finally Miami, Timur eventually rebranded his business as Designing the District in 2016. His LLC now celebrates seven years of self-taught business acumen, ownership, entrepreneurship, and leading businesses of all sizes to success with his breadth of global, educational, and experiential knowledge. Utilizing a design philosophy when tackling creative problem solving, Timur incorporates blueprinting to

achieve a brand’s business goals. By reverse engineering each marketing approach, he is able to bring palpable results to everything he touches—or what he refers to as the “secret sauce” to his success.

“You can't build this house without the columns, beams, and foundation in the exact place and form as rendered and drawn — and the same exact approach applies to anything you do to achieve a desired or targeted outcome.”

Timur Tugberk, Miami Vibes Magazine

With a full roster of qualifications, Timur undeniably outshines others within his industry and his reputation speaks volumes. However, the competition can sometimes turn into an obstacle when others try to derail his momentum. But he takes it as a compliment that others feel threatened by his accomplishments and unbridled positivity. After all, the overlap of his life experiences has put him in a unique position to be on both sides of your social feeds. He is one of the very few influencer-publicist-marketers. Timur loves sharing his personality, daily life, travels, and hacks with the world—and he takes pride in being unapologetically and authentically himself.

“That's what I pride myself on, I say to friends, lovers, family, and clients... 'the best thing I can possibly be is myself.' TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT."

Timur Tugberk, Miami Vibes Magazine

For those looking to get started in a similar capacity, Timur recommends that you put yourself out there, say yes to opportunities, shed your ego, and remember that success is earned, not entitled. After all, his rainbow trail of glittered destruction—err, success—speaks for itself.

"I think it's important for people to know that I do not look at business opportunity as a paycheck, I only say yes to projects that I can genuinely get behind, that I believe in and that I am confident my support will be effective and genuinely authentic."


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