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The Seventh Annual Miami Concours: A Spectacle of Luxury and Design

Photography: World Red Eye

The Seventh Annual Miami Concours, held in the vibrant heart of the Miami Design District, has once again outdone itself, marking an exhilarating two-day event that firmly establishes it among the pinnacle of motorized showcases in the United States. This year, the event unfolded over three red carpet streets, transforming them into a grand stage for some of the most exotic, rare, and iconic vehicles from the globe's most esteemed car brands. The display was nothing short of spectacular, offering a glimpse into the zenith of automotive craftsmanship.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Restaurants in Miami, Monsieur Georges Coupet & Ria Michelle
Monsieur Georges Coupet & Ria Michelle

This latest iteration distinguished itself with a grandeur that the event had not previously seen, boasting a significantly enhanced programming schedule compared to past years. The festivities included a meticulously curated lineup of VIP events, immersive tours, and exclusive experiences, all seamlessly integrated into the local neighborhood's fabric, elevating the concours from a mere car show to a holistic celebration of luxury and design.

Jointly owned by the Miami Design District, The Concours Group, and duPont REGISTRY, the Miami Concours has transcended conventional event boundaries. It masterfully interweaves the realms of fashion, architecture, and design, crafting an unparalleled automotive experience that captivates enthusiasts and casual observers alike, regardless of their primary interests.

The event also provided an array of perks for VIP ticket holders, offering an elevated experience with exclusive access to certain areas and activities. However, in a commendable effort to maintain inclusivity, general admission remained free and open to the public, ensuring that everyone could partake in the festivities. Importantly, a portion of the proceeds from VIP ticket sales was donated to the Nicklaus Children's Hospital, underscoring the event's commitment to giving back to the community.

Isabela Rangel Grutman
Isabela Rangel Grutman

Sponsors for this year's showcase read like a who's who of luxury and prestige, including CURATED, Prestige Imports, Macallan, Ralph Lauren, Collection Suites, Braman Miami, and many more, reflecting the event's high caliber and its appeal to an elite clientele.

Antoine Tessier & Craig Robins, Miami Vibes Magazine
Antoine Tessier & Craig Robins

The event attracted a slew of notable guests, further highlighting its significance within the luxury and automotive circles. Attendees included Dacra CEO and President Craig Robins, Miami Concours Founders John Temerian Jr., Ronnie Vogel, and Brett David, as well as CEO of duPont REGISTRY Group Antoine Tessier. Influencers and celebrities such as Paola Alberdi, Georges Coupet, Ria Michelle, and Groot Hospitality Founder Dave Grutman, along with his wife, model and influencer Isabela Rangel Grutman, graced the event with their presence, adding an extra layer of glamour.

The Seventh Annual Miami Concours not only showcased the best in automotive luxury but also demonstrated a unique blend of fashion, design, and community spirit. Through its innovative programming, commitment to inclusivity, and dedication to philanthropy, the event set a new standard for luxury automotive showcases, ensuring its place as a must-visit for enthusiasts and luxury aficionados for years to come.


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