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Stephanie Saunders Suskind: A Beacon of Change & Champion for Authenticity

Miami Vibes Magazine, Stephanie Saunders Suskind, The Callout

Stephanie Saunders Suskind, a proud Miami native, is igniting a powerful call to action

for women in her community and beyond with her project, "The Callout". With a diverse

background as a former corporate executive, current angel investor, philanthropist, and

“Social Entrepreneur.” Stephanie is on a mission to revolutionize the conversation and

empower women worldwide with the aim of effecting social change

by bringing women together.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Stephanie Saunders Suskind, The Callout

Having navigated the corporate world in a male-dominated industry, Stephanie brings a

unique perspective to the table. Her personal journey, marked by struggles within her

family dynamics and challenges in female friendships, have fueled her determination to

effect change in the female landscape.

With "The Callout", Stephanie aims to foster an honest and open dialogue about the issues women often avoid confronting. Her upcoming debut book, aptly titled "The Callout" serves as a catalyst for this much-needed conversation. In a time where authenticity and self-awareness are paramount, Stephanie challenges herself and her audience to look inward and embrace truth, growth and accountability collectively.

Beyond the pages of her book, Stephanie extends the conversation through an upcoming podcast and women's panel series. Through these platforms, she invites women from various walks of life to join the discussion and share their own experiences candidly, creating a supportive community where women can engage with one another with more compassion; by understanding that we connect on common ground and when we look past our differences, we see that at our core, many of us desire the same things: safe communities where we can be vulnerable and honest about the not-so-

glamorous parts of life that we all deal with, the battles we face offline, and more

Stephanie Saunders Suskind is not just sparking a conversation; she's igniting a movement. With "The Callout" project, she's paving the way for women everywhere to embrace their truths, own their stories, and stand tall in their power. Join Stephanie on this transformative journey, and together, let's redefine what it means to be a modern (empowered) woman in today's world.


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