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Sounds of Healing: Annie the Alchemist

Miami Vibes Magazine, Annie the Alchemist

Journalist turned Fashion Poet turned wellness aficionado, Annie Vazquez is a trailblazer in her niche. She is the creator behind TheFashionPoet, a site geared towards

body positivity through fashion and beauty.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Annie the Alchemist

She is also the face behind, her wellness and meditation brand that empowers others to self heal through products and meditation workshops. She leads meditations at various hotels and centers around the country. She has a deck of affirmation meditation cards to help others practice daily, a journal and an upcoming book called My Little Book of Prayers launching this Fall. Annie has been featured on People Magazine, Vogue Brasil, Time Out Magazine, Elite Daily, NBC, The Today Show and more.

What is it about what you do that keeps you going? Time spent with family and friends. In the end, that's all that matters. Also, being active and involved in my community.

What inspired you to create meditation affirmation cards? My followers kept asking me for products and so it's really them. I use to be a school teacher and I love teaching and making things easier for people to learn,I created the cards to simplify the process of mindfulness and meditation. It's so beautiful to see people of all ages using them and even parents using them with their kids. They are like no other,

How do you inspire body positivity? I inspire body positivity by embracing my own unique body and the changes that have come throughout the years being on camera from when I started at 30 something to now I am 46 years old. I have shown myself and many forms from gaining weight to losing it to what others deem as not beautiful such as wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite and more. Miami is a top city for cosmetic surgery and my goal is to get more women loving their natural God created selves and not feeling the need to change.


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