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Sept 14 is National Sober Day

Mixologist Fraliza Gianniodis new Mocktail Menu

Thursday, September 14th is National Sober Day, and in a city where nightlife reigns supreme, those who are sober, sober curious, or simply avoiding alcohol, now have options thanks to the new mocktail menu ​at The Strand at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort created

by lead Mixologist Fraliza Gianniodis.

FEELING GREEN martini and rossi floreale aperitivo (non-alcoholic), cucumber juice, ginger beer

GYM & TONIC martini and rossi vibrante aperitivo(non-alcoholic​), tonic water, pink peppercorn, rosemary

FABULOUSLY FIZZY strawberry & coconut lemonade, topo chico mineral water


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