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Malóne's Meteoric Rise:

From Miami's Beats to Global Dance floors

Artist / interviewee Malóne | IG @malonemusicofc 

Words by Dr. Cybil Bonhomme  | IG @cybil.007

Photography Adinayev &  Venti Goth x Mokibab

Cuban-born DJ and producer Malóne, based in Miami, has had a standout year in 2023, making waves as a new resident DJ at Space Miami and releasing hits under prestigious labels such as Saved, Insomniac, and Watergate. His tracks "Muy Bien" and "Besame" hit #1 on Beatport's AfroHouse chart, while collaborations with Blond:ish drew praise from industry icons like Black Coffee and Marco Carola. As a co-founder of Hurry Up Slowly, Malóne is now focusing on his project and launching his new label and event series, WHYNOTUS, with Empire in 2024. 

Recognized as a future dance music star, including a feature in DJ Mag Spain as one to watch in 2024, Malóne's talent has been evident in performances at major venues and festivals alongside top artists. With several major festivals lined up for 2024, including appearances in Colombia and at EDC events in Mexico and Las Vegas, Malóne is poised for an even more significant breakout year.

What genre(s) do you specialize in, and why? Tech House, Afro House, pretty much anything with a groove and sexy percussion/drums is my vibe. It's what I grew up on, it's what I truly love the most. Don't really care much for Genres. 

How would you describe your DJing style? I was lucky enough to grow up in Miami where I've been exposed to the best DJs week in and week out. My DJing style is more traditional. I love taking the crowd on a proper journey. Building the energy through the night, playing specific tracks at the right moment. 

Are there any specific artists or DJs who have significantly influenced your style? Dennis Cruz is, in my opinion, currently the best DJ in the world. Dennis can play deep, he can play big, he can play 8 hours, he's just an insanely talented DJ and can seamlessly navigate so many different genres. 

How do you approach beat matching and mixing different tracks? I like to loop a lot. Whether I'm bringing in a new track or mixing out of one. Knowing your music and the tracks you are playing in and out also helps. For the most part, 99% of the tracks I am playing is house music/4 on 4 the floor type of beat. I don't play with sync, so I always have to joggle the tracks together to make sure they are on time. 

What types of events or venues do you typically DJ for? I am a resident at Club Space in Miami, which is the best club in the world in my opinion. When I'm not playing there, I'm usually touring around the world playing clubs or festivals. 

Can you share a memorable moment from one of your performances? One of the most memorable sets as of late for me was the first night of my Space residency. The sub-headliner didn't make it because of travel issues, and I ended up playing a 5 hour opening set which was pretty wild. From 0 people in the room to a completely slammed dance floor. It was epic. 

How do you go about selecting your playlist for an event? Every set is different for me. Depending on the venue, whether I am headlining or opening the room, or playing a festival. It always changes. Understanding the room and city you are playing, as well as the artist you are opening for, etc is very important - those details matter. Knowing the crowd you are playing for and reading the room are crucial elements.

How do you prepare for a DJ set or event? I'm always looking for new music so that my sets can be as fresh as possible. I always like to prepare a couple folders with a bunch of tracks to be able to go in any direction at any time during any set. 

Do you have a pre-set routine, or do you prefer to adapt on the spot? I tend to adapt on the spot, but am prepared to do so. 

How do you stay updated on new music and trends in the industry? I'm a big student of the game. I am always looking for new music, looking to see what the bigger guys are playing. Owning my own label now has given me the opportunity to have access to so much music from different artists all over the world. 

Can you share a challenging moment you've faced during a performance and how you overcame it? One time, a CDJ got stuck and was showing an error message I had never seen before. Had to use a bunch of FX to get out of the track. Looked at the crowd as the music came down and started a slow clap lol, then played a new track. Worked out great. 

What advice do you have for aspiring DJs?

Go out and network. Support your local scene and the DJs in your local scene. Believe in yourself, and invest in yourself and your craft. Don't compare yourself to others - focus on your journey and the things you can control. Work hard, BE HUMBLE. 

Have you collaborated with other DJs or artists? 

Yes, I have been able to collaborate with a bunch of amazing artists, BLOND:ISH being one of them. It was an amazing experience. I love collaborations. You get to create together and put in your own vision and art into something and combine it with someone else's. Learn from one another, share that amazing experience. 

Are there specific projects or collaborations you're excited about?

I'm most excited about my new label WHYNOTUS. It's always been a dream of mine to have my own label, to be able to put out the music I want, when I want and how I want. We have a lot of amazing music lined up for 2024 along with some big collaborations as well to go along with a spring tour and summer Europe tour. 


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