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I See Dead People: Erica Korman Channels Her Inner Medium

Miami Vibes Magazine, Erica Korman

Erica Korma is a Spiritual Life Teacher and International Psychic Medium. Erica began her work as a psychotherapist in New York City, but she is now renowned as "Miami's Medium." Erica's extraordinary ability to communicate with the deceased propelled her to fame as a

world-renowned Psychic Medium and Spiritual Life Expert.

She now works with people from all over the world, including both living and deceased celebrities. Erica was drawn to helping others from a young age and went on to pursue her post-master's advanced training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at NYU's Psychoanalytic Institute. She went on to work in psychiatric hospitals and clinics all throughout New York before opening her own practice in Manhattan. However, it soon became evident that the cosmos had other plans for her.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Erica Korman

A life-changing move to Miami in 2013 gave her the opportunity to hear her own voice for the first time. That voice had become more audible, indicating that there was something beyond her traditional training that would assist her clients in connecting with their spiritual nature. Around that time, she began to feel different and began to see' people who had crossed over who were delivering her messages for loved ones, as well as receiving Psychic messages.

When did you first realize that you were a medium? I was a psychotherapist from NYC and moved to Miami a little over 10 years ago. When I moved here, I took an online certification in holistic health and nutrition to add to my psychotherapy practice. Being in relaxing sunny Miami and beginning to meditate from this course really helped me to slow down from the crazy NYC pace, heal and tap into my intuition. That is when my abilities all came out. I knew things about people. I could see their aura and feel their thoughts. I started receiving information about them. I was in a session with a psychotherapy client and I saw and heard her dead brother talking to me. I was able to use what her brother was sharing with me to help her ease the pain of his death.

From this moment on, this began to happen everywhere I went. At first I was scared, but also found this really exciting! I found a mentor to help me cultivate my abilities, took many classes and studied with the best mediums. My gift started flourishing and then my business began to grow with clients from all over the world. I do everything from hosting individual mediumship sessions on the phone to small and large mediumship groups; from having beautiful channeled meditations to self love workshops. I have a book coming out called "All is Well" -you are exactly where you're meant to be. For more information, please follow me on instagram @ericakorman and my website is

What would you say is the most rewarding part about what you do? The most rewarding part is the sense of "lightness" and healing people tell me they feel after a session with me. There is also so much beautiful love that I feel in my sessions between my clients and their "loved ones'' no matter what their relationship was like on earth. I love it. I've been through a lot of deep pain in my life and if I can help someone else ease their pain in any way, my heart is very at peace and happy.

Have you experienced any obstacles during your journey? The only real obstacle was my fear that people would judge me or find me "crazy" because I talk to dead people. I realized it was my own fear and self-judgment projected onto others. We are all mirrors for each other. When I began to heal my own judgment of myself and my new gifts, no one else really cared or judged me at all. In fact they were the exact opposite, very open and intrigued by my new work.


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