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How to survive your first canceled Art Basel: Support Local Artists!

With the cancellation of Art Basel Miami Beach, we locals won’t have the glamorous art parties and boujee art connoisseurs in town this year. What we will have is more local art! Since its inception in 2002, the Art Basel Fair has played an important role in the growth of Miami's art scene, but similarly, it has also cast a shadow on local artists.

That’s why Miami Vibes Magazine isn’t asking what are we missing this year, but rather, what we are gaining.

Walking around in Miami neighborhoods it’s hard not to notice a mural, sculpture, or art installation created by a local artist. They have become the neighbors that keep the character of Miami alive not just during Basel-week but all year round. Studies have also found that owning or viewing art can reduce loneliness and increase happiness which is something we could all use in 2020.

This week we met one of those neighborly artists and her name is Tesoro Carolina. As a mixed media artist and muralist for the last 9 years, her visual narrative is defined by whimsical illustrations in acrylic and marker mediums. Her current work can be described as Plant-Mom Meets Quarantine and reflects how she’s spent the last couple of months. Spending a lot of time at home she has relied on her plants for energy which she’s transferred to her colorful illustrations. Looking back at a pre-covid time, she’s realized how much she appreciates nature these days and seeing how the world is healing despite the collective circumstances we've all been dealt with. Tesoro’s goals post-covid are being featured in more shows, creating more murals, and hopes that more artists like herself can get similar opportunities.

Tesoro's art can be found at the Exhibit at the Eatery Showcase at South Beach on the corner of Meridian ave and Lincoln road. Allan Roth, the curator of the Showcase and a long-time art collector, tells us that after covid there were no opportunities for local artists which led the Lincoln Eatery to launch a space where artists can exhibit their work and engaging with the local community. Allan also notes that a new artist will be featured every 2-3 weeks and that they keep 100% of their proceeds. Besides discovering great local artists like Tesoro you will also be able to find a variety of great local food.

When it's a good time for you to explore Miami again, think of your local artist. They have always played an important part in defining our culture and in a time when we're spending more time at home, they can help bring personal character into your space, which we all deserve.

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