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Former "The Voice" Contestant Genesis Díaz" launches new music video “Carnaval"

After the success of her previous releases “Champagne” and “Fuego Lento”, which exceeded one million views on YouTube in the first few weeks, Genesis Diaz is back on the

music scene with her new single “Carnaval.”

The Voice, Genesis Díaz, Latin American Music Awards, Miami Vibes Magazine

The young promise of Latin music has been appearing at the most important Univision events such as “Premios Lo Nuestro”, the “Latin American Music Awards 2023” so far this year, and was recently one of the youngest faces to participate in the Billboard awards ceremony for Latin Women in Music.

Genesis Diaz has captured the attention on the main red carpets of 2023, described as one of the best dressed with her distinctive pink hair and her powerhouse vocals, as she has been featured by important media such as Hola TV and People en Español.

"Carnaval" is the title of the new song by Genesis Díaz. The single is directed by the company Fuertes Production that has bet everything on the talent of the new artist. The video clip was recorded at the emblematic Carnival on Miami 8th Street and its scenes are full of color, partying and dancing.

The new single highlights in the lyrics the love relationship with a young man whom the artist classifies as her carnival, also inspired by one of Cuba's greatest artists, Celia Cruz.

Genesis, together with prominent composers, introduces their musical creativity to the theme, incorporating the phrase “you and I dancing, we are enjoying ourselves, living singing, a whole carnival”. The influence of the queen of salsa Celia Cruz reached the artist due to the history of her parents of Cuban origin, although she was born in the U.S., she considers herself a Latina at heart.

The Voice, Genesis Díaz, Latin American Music Awards, Miami Vibes Magazine

Songs by Genesis Diaz are characterized by having modern and sensual lyrics but at no time becomes vulgar and inappropriate. The single has the musical production of Stevie Marcs who has worked meticulously in every detail of the theme, mix and master. The music video was made by Audiovisual Director Djey Cubero who has been working on all of the artist's productions for a long time.

Genesis Díaz has an impressive vocal range that allows her to sing any musical genre. She is characterized by having a voice of incredible power, which earned her to become the center of attention in different international reality shows where she has participated.

During her time on television, different music icons have highlighted her talent and expressed the following about her:

"Genesis gave me that lioness that I needed and this woman has the blood of an artist."

She later defined her as his "lucky unicorn" (Alejandra Guzman). Becky G also mentioned while being a guest coach of “La Voz USA” that after hearing Genesis’ version of “It’s A Mans World” in her blind audition, that now it’s “Genesis’ world” after listening to her powerful rendition of the iconic song.

The young vocalist also participated in The Voice season 14, where she amazed everyone with her spectacular vocal talent. The Cuban-American singer was selected by Adam Levine, lead singer of the band Maroon 5, who was a judge of that competition.

This 2023 will be a decisive year in the career of Genesis, according to several interviews carried out with the singer, she tells us that she is ready to leave her mark on Latin music. The young singer is capable of mixing genres and rhythms with perfect fluidity, she has an extraordinary personal stamp and has already attracted the attention of the main producers in the music industry.

This new release entitled "Carnaval" is available on YouTube, where her musical talent and versatility are clearly visible. She is also in the development of new songs that will allow her to be on a promotional tour through different cities in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Colombia.


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