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Finding the Joy in Fitness

Rachel Joy Gennaro's Secret Sauce

Miami Vibes Magazine, Rachel Joy Gennaro

Hailing from Miami, Rachel Joy Gennaro is a fitness coach, model, entrepreneur, and influencer.

She has made appearances as a model and fitness athlete at numerous trade shows, including the Olympia, Arnold Sports Festival, Miami SwimShow, LA Fit, Miami, and Europa expos and most recently graced our July Swimsuit edition. She is constantly Inspiring others to get in shape, become healthier, and live a longer life by helping others take care of their body.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Rachel Joy Gennaro
“Throughout the years, I discovered the only way to achieve actual results is through hard work, overcoming obstacles, and staying committed. You cannot give up. Nothing about this journey has been easy. Only through failures did I learn how to make changes and attain my goals,” says Rachel.

Her most recent ventures have included the creation of Rachel Joy resistance bands. “I designed the R.J resistance bands to create the perfect fitness accessory for ALL body shapes and sizes that you can bring EVERYWHERE!”


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