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Feel Great Be Great Lifestyle

Miami’s Leading Women’s Wellness Brand, Feel Great Be Great Lifestyle, is Promoting Self Love And Providing Rich Nutrients to Busy Women This Fall

Miami Vibes Magazine, FGBG

Fall 2023 is officially here and Millennial and Gen Z women are looking for ways to optimize, maintain and support their daily nutrient intake and maintain a glowing tan as the days begin to get shorter and the air gets cooler. With innovative women's wellness brand, Feel Great Be Great, young & busy, on-the-go women can now tackle their wellness needs

while also receiving a boost of self-love support.

Miami Vibes Magazine, FGBG

Developed by Latina identical twin sisters, Jessica and Melissa Medri, FGBG offers young women a beautiful and innovative wellness brand that is quickly disrupting women’s wellness industry across the U.S. After the Medri sisters couldn’t find a wellness supplement brand for themselves, they decided to make their own! Feel Great, Be Great Lifestyle offers a variety of wellness nutrition gummy supplements including a daily women’s vitamin gummy, CBD gummy, hair & nails gummy, and the very popular Summer Glow Tanning Gummy. The formulas of each gummy feature antioxidant-rich and nutrient dense ingredients that support a balanced lifestyle as well as help achieve and maintain a glowing, sun-kissed tan. Whether you are planning a lavish holiday vacation in Europe, heading to Miami Beach for the day, or hitting a daytime pool party or outdoor event, taking a supplement with the proper rich antioxidants and nutrients can boost your summer tan from the inside out!

Ladies across the country are using the new Glow Tanning Gummies from FGBG™, making it one of the brand’s best selling women’s supplements thanks to retail distribution partnerships and strategic collaborations like the one they just did this summer with Miami Swim Week 2023 powered by Art Heart Fashion.

Miami Vibes Magazine, FGBG, Art Heart Fashion

The Summer Glow Tanning Gummies is particularly great for women in the fall and winter seasons because of its powerful ingredients backed by science, proven to enhance the look and feel of one’s skin and tan. Nine carotenoids are formulated into the FGBG™ Lifestyle Glow Tanning Gimmies including amino acid L-Tyrosine, antioxidants Beta Carotene & Astaxanthin, combined with plant nutrient Lycopene, essential mineral Copper Citrate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc Citrate, alpha-carotene, powerful antioxidant beta-carotene, and plant-derived lycopene – all supportive nutrients and antioxidants that help restore color to one’s skin and support a beautiful glow.

Miami Vibes Magazine, FGBG
Owners, Jessica and Melissa Medri

Miami Vibes Magazine, FGBG

Developed and manufactured in a FDA approved facility, FGBG™ women’s daily multi-vitamin supplement formula also has everything young busy women could want and need to feel great on a daily basis– from beautiful inspirational packaging & design to single daily serve packaging to delicious flavors and premium vegetarian ingredients, they deliver innovative and beneficial products that can boost any busy woman’s wellness. For example, FGBG gummies are formulated with pectin instead of gelatin, pleasing today’s health-conscious young female consumer base who may have various dietary preferences or restrictions. With flavors like “Miami Vice,” which is a delicious strawberry flavor, FBGB is sure to be a great supplement brand to incorporate into one’s daily routine.

The Feel Great, Be Great (FGBG™) brand can be used as a women’s vitamin or a nutritional snack. And their convenient small packets ensure women are getting the right recommended daily amount in each serving.


Miami Vibes Magazine, FGBG

The formula behind FGBG™’s popular Glow Tanning Gummies include Beta carotene, which is only found in plant-based products/vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, spinach and peas. It is a Provitamin Vitamin A, which is then synthesized in the human body to make Vitamin A, which offers numerous benefits for the skin, the eyes, and overall cell renewal. It also boosts the production of melanin, ultimately improving and supporting a human’s ability to achieve a glowing tan. Now ladies can intake Beta-Carotene daily from food, but you will need 12 times the amount of Beta-Carotene as preformed Vitamin A; if your Beta-Carotene is taken from supplements, you need just two times the amount of Vitamin A. So essentially, if you’re a very busy woman constantly on-the-go and can’t eat the perfect balanced diet every day, Glow Tanning Gummies from FGBG are a great resource!

Vitamin E is another powerful nutrient and antioxidant that is in FGBG™’s Glow Tanning Gummies formula because it is considered an anti-inflammatory agent in the skin, as several studies have supported its prevention of inflammatory damage after UV exposure mainly in the skin. It works to protect humans from free radicals as well as supports retaining moisture in the skin and supporting the overall appearance of skin. Added bonus: can support hair growth & thickening.

Selenium is another wonderful mineral that naturally is found in water and select foods like oysters and sardines. Most busy women who may not be able to enjoy or afford oysters every day can turn to FGBG™’s Summer Glow Tanning Gummies because it includes Selenium, a powerful antioxidant that actually boosts the antioxidant properties of vitamin E and supports the human immune system and thyroid because it neutralizes excess free radicals and protects cells from damage caused by oxidative stress found in the environment. As far as the skin goes, Selenium ensures skin remains firm and protected while minimizing free radical damage (read:wrinkles!) and helps to protect cell membranes against UV damage, inflammation and pigmentation.

This fall, Feel Great Be Great Lifestyle is launching a fifth supplement that will support mental brain power and focus! To learn more news and product announcements from FGBG™, make sure to follow the brand on Instagram at


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