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DuBlasé, Expands With New Bourbon No. 9

Florida Spirits Brand, DuBlasé, Expands With New Bourbon No. 9 Right in Time For Spring

Miami Vibes Magazine

DuBlasé Whiskey is pleased to announce it is expanding its spirits line with a new straight bourbon whiskey labeled No. 9, which is the brand’s first multi-grained product, and the first of its signature series, offering a bold flavor profile with notes of dried fruit and rich spices for a uniquely classic finish.

The expansion into the bourbon spirits market is another major step in the successful journey of the DuBlasé brand.

“We’re excited to launch this highly anticipated bourbon. It’s a small batch, 90 proof, straight bourbon whiskey that was aged for four years. Its mash bill includes three grains: corn, rye and barley malt, for a unique twist,” said DuBlasé founder & CEO, Darrin Eakins.
Miami Vibes Magazine,  Drinks in Miami, cocktails, Mixology

Coming off the success of expanding into national retailers including Sam’s Club, Total Wine, and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, DuBlasé has seen strong growth and is thrilled to continue offering more premium products throughout the U.S.

“Understanding bourbon culture was key in creating DuBlasé bourbon No.9. We worked diligently to develop this undeniably smooth bourbon,” Eakins said.
Miami Vibes Magazine,  Drinks in Miami, cocktails, Mixology

DuBlasé’s first product is its vanilla whiskey, which launched during the height of the pandemic. Having garnered popularity over the years, it was only right to introduce DuBlasé’s signature series to the market. “DuBlasé bourbon No.9 is a great addition to our portfolio. We believe it will be a consumer favorite,” Eakins said.

Perfect for Springtime brunches, dinners and social events, DuBlasé Whiskey's new Bourbon No. 9 is great neat or in one of DuBlasé signature cocktail recipes, available at numerous speakeasies and restaurants throughout Florida. DuBlasé is available for purchase online in 32 states and in retailers throughout Florida, Georgia and California.

DuBlasé was developed to celebrate life’s special moments with a toast of a glass. As such, bourbon enthusiasts will be able to celebrate this launch on April 9, 2023 at Jacksonville’s award-winning speakeasy, The Volstead, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Attendees can connect and enjoy music and signature DuBlasé cocktails.


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