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Dante’s HiFi Hosts Rum & Coke 2-Year Anniversary Party

On Sunday, January 28th Dante's HiFi, Miami's first vinyl listening bar dedicated to the analoging of audiophile music culture will host the Afro-Caribbean Latin dance party and DJ collective,

Rum and Coke for their 2-Year Anniversary party.

Serving as Rum & Cokes’ monthly residency venue, Dante’s has played a key role in nurturing the group's vision and has created an environment that supports growth within their collective. During the event guests can expect a curated vinyl set of rare grooves and classics from the "Golden Age" of Latin music. The night will kick off at 7PM for a Radio Karibe Listening Session and lead into the 10PM Dance time, turn up party!

In the spirit of their 2 Year Anniversary, the group members each shared a sentiment about why Dante’s HiFi is important to them:

“Dante's Hi-Fi brings pure musical authenticity, bringing back music heads, record heads and audiophile culture alike into a bar atmosphere in Miami. It's a breath of fresh air to see a music-minded bar in Miami finally embracing an ethos of discovery and community.” - DJ Kumi

“Dante's hi-fi has been an important space because it has allowed us to share our music culture in an authentic manner, it has nurtured our vision and has facilitated a special growth within our collective. It has allowed us to elevate the party in ways we never thought possible.” - Harold Fandino 

“Dante's is nothing more than a miracle for the city of Miami. The space has not only allowed us to be absolutely fearless and uncompromising in our vision, but it has also actively encouraged us to continue to push the boundaries for what this party could be musically. What this means for our audience is that Dante's HiFi is the only place you can get to live out, listen to, and dance to the full musical experience of Rum & Coke, creating a vivid musical immersion unlike anything you'll find in Miami. It's something we don't take lightly or for granted.” - Jesus Rodriguez 


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