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"Coronavirus success – How these businesses have learned to adapt and find success"

Join us in learning and supporting the Journey of Entrepreneurship through the eyes of these JEFA’S!

These women are out here building empires, taking and creating space for the women in our community to feel special, feel uplifted, inspired and motivated to take the necessary steps and follow that dream. But we get real here, the clean and the dirty. Learn how you can better support and spread love within your community.

1. Tell us your elevator pitch! GO

I strive to provide education, motivation, confidence, and ementorship for female professionals and entrepreneurs to overcome self-doubt and build their Queendoms, and I’m on a mission to empower 100,000 women to launch six-figure businesses!

2. How did your upbringing influence your journey as a Jefa Entrepreneur?

Growing up, I moved around the country 15 times because my father ran hotels and resorts. I grew up learning business from my Father, and because I was constantly the “new girl,” I also made a choice to get out of my shell and learn how to make friends. Despite the bullying (that many of us go through) and other obstacles, I always tried to keep the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) that my mom taught me, and I was able to make some wonderful friendships and become the Confidence Queen I am today. Now, I combine that confidence journey and my business knowledge (which includes my experience as a business law attorney for corporations and small businesses) to empower other Queens on their own journeys to build their Queendoms.

3. What does the word Jefa mean to you? And how do you feel you represent yourself in that space?

Having lived in Miami for the past decade, “Jefa” is something I learned meant the equivalent to “boss”. But it’s also more than that. When we call each other and ourselves Jefas, it’s like how I use the word Queen: To remind us that we are all worthy, that we are all in charge of our lives, our businesses, and our destinies. So go out there and be the confident Queen you are, Jefa!

4. What is the inspiration behind your brand or brands and doing what you love?

My passion is to see other women succeed and to lift each other up. Whether it’s my law firm, Marsicano + Leyva PLLC, my Networking + Business Growth brand, Networking Maverick, or my nonprofit, Women for Success Inc., I want to empower women, create a supportive community, and allow each of us to define success on our own terms.

5. How do you stay motivated to keep going especially during this crazy 2020?

PMA!! No matter how dark a time might seem, we always have something to be thankful for. Start by writing down one thing you’re grateful for right now, then another, then another. Soon you will have a list of gratitude and positivity. This little shift allows you to reframe your thoughts and keep a Positive Mental Attitude!

6. What do you do to escape and recharge?

Well, I used to reward myself with travel and fun trips. Now, however, it’s more about time off, spending more quality time with friends and family in small groups. I also purchased a Peloton and joined an online boot camp with BComingU Fitness to get back into a wellness routine!

7. How have you created a community within your brand?

It started by posting motivational messages and networking tips on Instagram, and it turned into live events focused on connection and business building. And this year, it became a nonprofit, Women for Success, whose mission is to provide the tools, education, community, and support for women everywhere to define success on their own terms. The community we are building is founded upon the principles of collaboration over competition and lifting each other up, and we provide a safe space for women to connect with likeminded Queens while leveling-up their lives and their businesses.

8. What do you love most about Miami? Favorite SPOT?

I love the Miami culture and community! As someone who loves traveling abroad and experiencing other cultures, Miami is the closest I’ve found in the US to living in another country and having the same amazing experiences here that I’ve had abroad. There is something here for everyone, as long as you’re open to the experience. I love Wynwood and the Design District as well as Little Haiti because they have amazing food, nightlife, and vibrant small businesses. But I also LOVE exploring and brunching my way around Miami (especially Zuma!).

9. How has the culture and diversity in Miami influenced you, your brand and your network?

When I came to Miami for law school, I fell in love with it immediately. The culture, the food, the people; everything about Miami (except the public transportation) allows you to find your own favorite places and hidden gems. Even now, I’m constantly discovering the city. The missing piece for me was a community that was business minded with a focus on facilitating connections and emphasizing collaborations for women of all backgrounds and professions. So we created it!

10. What's one takeaway you feel EVERY entrepreneur should live by?

H.O.P.E. - Help One Person Everyday. I’ve heard this several times throughout my life, but it’s even more important for entrepreneurs to keep in mind today. For me, I combine the HOPE mentality with my personal motto, A.B.C. - Always Be Connecting, to remind myself and others to focus on adding value to everyone you meet and serving others. Time is our most precious commodity, so make sure to over-deliver on someone’s investment of their time in you.

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Gelsandra Guzman


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