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50 Cent Performs for E11EVEN Miami's 10 Year Anniversary Ahead Of Final Lap Tour

50 Cent Makes it rain and delivers an Epic Performance for E11EVEN Miami’s 10-Year Anniversary


On Saturday night, January 27, 2024, rap legend 50 Cent delivered an exhilarating performance at the famed ultraclub E11EVEN Miami for the first weekend of their

remarkable 10-year anniversary.

As a long-standing friend of the E11EVEN family, 50 Cent appeared excited to help E11EVEN kick off their anniversary celebration. 50 Cent arrived outside on the red carpet just before 3:00 am, rocking a matching gray Mike Amiri set, a Yankee hat, and his signature chain.

Following a few pictures on the red carpet, 50 Cent went straight to his table where bottles of his champagne brand, Le Chemin du Roi, and his cognac brand, Branson, were brought out almost immediately for him and his team to sip on. Rapper Flo Rida was seen hanging out with 50 Cent and his friends at their table. Prior to the rapper making his way to center stage of the nightclub, 50 Cent threw stacks of bills into the air before breaking out into the fan-favorite hit, “P.I.M.P.” 50 Cent exclaimed to the crowd,, “Miami what the fuck is up, yeah we back and you better remember how we do it, y’all having a good time?”. 

The club was packed to the brim with guests celebrating the festivities to the sounds of 50 Cent’s iconic and unmistakable hits like “Candy Shop” and “21 Questions.”

After the first few songs, 50 Cent exclaimed to the crowd, “I’m sweating; I’m starting to get a little older, I’ve got back pain now,” before breaking out into “Window Shopper.” Then, to round out his performance, he sang “Many Men,” before finishing with everyone’s favorite clubbing song “In Da Club,” while partygoers went wild. 50 Cent ended his performance close to 4:00 am while simultaneously singing and throwing huge wads of bills during “The Woo” by himself and the late rapper Pop Smoke.

Following his performance, the rap and hip-hop legend stuck around for a little longer, drinking with his friends before making his exit later in the night.


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