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Tucked away in Miami Beach lies one of the city’s best—and longest running—dinner parties.French and sophisticated, Villa Azur immediately greets you at the door with opulence,transporting you into a chic European soiree. Locals and visitors alike come here to dine and dance under the dimly lit chandeliers of their open-air courtyard. The South of France-inspired menu has recently received some new additions, with standout dishes including the grilled octopus, baked truffle brie, and scallops a la plancha. Wine flows and the lights dim down as the DJ begins to turn the music up. Desserts arrive with the accompaniment of champagne and a live saxophonist. Smoke machines fill the air and servers light up sparklers, prompting everyone to clap along. And just like that, this elegant restaurant has effortlessly transformed into a dance floor that will keep the party going late into the night, each and every Thursday.


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