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Words / Cybil Bonhomme | IG @cybil.007
Photography / Olly Vento | IG @olllyvento

The Broward County art world has always been overshadowed by its glitzier sisters in Miami and Palm Beach. Where is Broward’s Art Basel? Its Wynwood district, its Norton Museum of Art? You can find cool pockets here and there, like Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale and a few street corners in Hollywood, but as South Florida’s geographic middle child, Broward has always had to fight a little harder to get noticed.


Model & Fashion Designer Yulia Boniya:

CEO of Zenma Design


Modeling and fashion designing are quite distinct sectors in career choices, but Yulia Boniya has shown to dominate in both fields.


Yulia Bonya was born in Russia on June 6, 1995. Currently, she is living in Miami and built her fashion brand Zenma DESIGN back in 2017. From an early age, Yulia was passionate about modeling. She started her career at the age of 15. Beauty is not enough for modeling. Understanding the camera movement is vital too. Yulia sees modeling as acting through single frames. An individual must prepare themselves for the right moment. Yulia believes, to become a successful model, “you have to stay strong, powerful, and always believe in yourself.”

After becoming a successful model, Yulia found designing fascinating and enjoyable. Right now, she is modeling for her own fashion brand with her designed clothing. She sets all her artistic ideas into her clothing line. Yulia Boniya says, “I love the transformative nature of health, fashion, and modeling combined. It can empower you with confidence or pick you up if you are having a dark day.” She feels lucky to turn both of her passions (modeling & designing) into a successful career. So far, her intricate and ornate detailing designs have reflected between spirituality and femininity, strength and fragility. Ancient and skillful artistry with contemporary and elegant style perfectly features her designs.

5 feet 6 inches tall, iconic beauty Yulia Bonia has over 434k Instagram followers. She regularly posts modeling videos on TikTok. Her TikTok account has over 14.2k fan followers. A true Miamian, Yulia loves to enjoy the beach in her favorite sexy bikinis.

Over the years Zenma has been a success as a pillar of ornate, ethereal, craftsmanship. Yulia Boniya is especially a festival clothing  designer. Zenma now stands as a dominating luxury fashion brand in the festival clothing fashion industry. Their popularity is not just in Miami anymore. They are selling exclusively across the continent and also internationally through the online market. Now they are planning to multiply their international presence via brick & mortar.

Their featuring collections are Swim, Bohemian Rhapsody, Joshua Tree, Desert Voyage, Jungle Vibe, Galactic Warrior, Canyon Code, Seyana X Zenma, Coachella. Fashion brand Zenma Design also makes custom clothing at the customers’ request. Yulia Bonia says, ”I like to gather inspiration from everywhere like fabrics, trims, beads, and vintage pieces that I am drawn to until a spark ignites and I start following a narrative that creates the story for the season. I am also very inspired by my customers and always evolve my work to what they need and want; this is a very important part in creating each collection by learning from the last.” This is just the beginning for her and Zenma and already they become an idol for the newcomers. Zenma design’s journey will unquestionably be a successful one with its CEO’s creativity and empowerment of inner beauty.

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