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Slow Fashion: Miami's Sustainable Fashion Designers

Miami is a very important location for people that love fashion, and it really stands out with the incredible focus on innovation. That’s one of the reasons why you can find a multitude of great fashion designers that actively use sustainable materials or procedures to create their own pieces. Here you will find a list with some innovative, creative fashion designers
that have a sustainable approach.

Sustainable Fashion

Lisu Vega

Lisu Vega showcased some of her work at the Miami Fashion Week, and she is a designer that grabs inspiration from music, art and the people around her. She is always focused on innovation, coming up with creative ideas and constantly pushing the boundaries in a very distinct fashion.

Patricia Gomez Gracia

Patricia Gomez Gracia came from Madrid, and she is focused on using flattering lines, sensual cuts and she even adds some edginess to her work too. She also implements a lot of sustainable materials, while coming up with innovative, sustainable ideas all the time.

Fabrizio De Castro

Fabrizio De Castro knows how to create haute couture while still focusing on protecting the environment. He has a very distinct style that combines innovation and colors, but it’s still simple and affordable. That alone makes him one of the most innovative fashion designers in Miami, and one to look out for in the years to come.

Fabrizio De Castro

Gustavo Cadile

Gustavo Cadile worked closely with major designers from Italy, and now he creates a variety of sustainable dresses for customers all over the world. Gustavo Cadile also worked with notable celebrities like Sofia Vergara or Eva Longoria, among many others. Sure, not all his work is sustainable, but most of it is, and he continues to implement the idea of sustainability into his work.

Lazaro Hernandez

Lazaro Hernandez has been a part of the industry for a very long time, and he continues to stand out with some incredible creations. He focuses on everything from fragrances to swimwear, shoes, womenswear and so on. He is a very innovative designer and one that continues to stand out with the incredible growth and focus on quality.

Rene Ruiz

Rene Ruiz is an up and coming fashion designer that originates from Cuba. He focuses on sustainable and regular fashion, while also promoting the rich cultural heritage of both his origin country and Miami as well. The style he uses is very impressive, because it combines Miami glamor with the old world craftsmanship.

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