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Miami Fitness Influencers And Their Favorite Workout Music

Workout with Music

Discipline, Motivation and focus are the keys to sculpt a killer physique. Music can work as a background influence to raise your potential energy to get excited and mentally prepare you to lift weights or even train for a more extended period. Also, music can increase arousal and help exercisers to distract discomforts like pain and tiredness. This article will share some of the best fitness influencers in Miami and their choice of workout music.

Chelcie May 

Chelcie is a dedicated fitness model from an early age. Her passion drove her to become a certified yogi, health coach and fitness trainer. She thinks you should listen to your body to give it whatever it needs to make you motivated and make things enjoyable while working out. Jumping rope could be a good option for working out if you have a short time. Chelcie used to play a list of four or five fun pieces of music and jump rope along to them. It helps lean and tune up your body and also form lymphatic drainage. Miami's weather and being able to stay close to the ocean inspire her to work out.

Rachel Robinson 

Rachel has been running an online fitness training company, Rachel Fitness. This company has built a new sign of hope to the people of Miami fitness lovers during this pandemic. She works both as a personal and group trainer. Rachel likes to change her workouts by changing equipment, moves and rotating cardio and strength to keep her body guessing and engaged. Her favourite workout songs are Litty (feat Tory Lanez) by Mick Mili, Flames with ZAYN, False Alarm by Matoma & Becky Hills.

Rodrigo Garduno

Rodrigo is a former soccer player. He is the founder of the 54D Fitness and a role model to urge people to leave their comfort zone and aspire to become more in their life. Rodrigo is also a motivational speaker as personal development in many conferences over the world. He believes discipline is the most crucial component to accomplish anything in life. Dame Argumentos (Tiesto Remix) by Miguel Bose is one of his favorite songs he uses to make a workout session video.

Alvin Davie

Alvin is the former boxer and training manager at Tapout Fitness Miami. He started his career as a soccer player and reached the state football tournament at the top level. After his football career, Alvin started boxing and won multiple golden gloves tournament. He thinks boxing is one of the greatest workouts because it takes actual fighters' training methods and put them into a fitness-based workout class. After a heavy workout, he refers to drink watermelons, coco water or sugarcane juice. Alvin's favourite motivational song is Heart of a champion

by Nelly.

Moji Oluwa

Moji is a 35 times Natural Body Building Champion and also an IFPA pro. He works as an elite trainer and mastermind of the Miami Muscle System. Miami Muscle System is one of the clearest, easiest and most advanced muscle-building program. Moji believes the outlook is one of the most important things to consider in fitness training. Maybe your friend can lift heavier objects than you, but you have to look better. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snapping) by T-Pain is his preferred workout song.

List of workout music:

Here is a list of the best workout music to motivate you during your next training session.

1. "La Romana," Bad Bunny feat. El Alfa

2. Wake Me Up," Avicii

3. "Vossi Bop," Stormzy

4. "Dance Monkey," Tones and I

5. "POWER," Kanye West

6. "Don't Start Now," Dua Lipa

7. "Eye of the Tiger," Survivor

8. "Motivation," Normani

9. "Till I Collapse," Eminem

10. "Con Altura," Rosalía and J Balvin feat. El Guincho

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